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  1. You should not need to worry about the steam wand, assuming the vacuum breaker is working. That valve vacates accumulated air in the boiler when it heats up, and then closes to keep any more air from entering.
  2. Thanks very much for taking the trouble. That’s very reassuring.
  3. The coffee is El Salvador Finca Los PirineosRed Bourbon. It’s from Coffee Compass, but they don’t say how it was processed. Here’s a photo: brown on the left, greens in the centre, and unsorted on the right.
  4. I often notice that some of the beans in a quantity of greens are actually brown. Should I take them out before roasting? I suppose if they would turn into quakers during the roast, I could remove them afterwards. Or might they look like the others after roasting, but taste wrong?
  5. This may be what you are looking for: https://www.edesiaespress.com/bezzera-bottomless-naked-portafilter-espresso-handle-triple-shot-21g-basket/ I bought the single-spout version of this one for my L1, but you would be well-advised to double-check the measurements with the vendor before purchasing.
  6. There's also the matter of taste. This YouTube coffee influencer finds he prefers coffee that comes out of spouts:
  7. I've tried both kinds of seals and they both work splendidly in my early L1. I can't even tell which is in there now without dropping the group to look.
  8. I bought bought my L1in December 2014. What you write matches my experience, but I might add one further observation. The Italian group is tailored for Italian size single and double doses (7 & 14 grams). That is more or less what I use (7g in Strada single baskets and 15g in VST 15g baskets) and they work very well: plenty of pressure and plenty of liquid. I have never tried the 18 and more grams that are standard in Third Wave cafes, but I wonder if they would take the machine near the upper margins or its effectiveness. BTW, it would be relatively costly but the L1-R but they can can be used to mimic the early L1s and buyers would always have the option of trying lighter roasts.
  9. I sometimes see baristas in YouTube videos and in Third Wave cafes pouring their freshly made microfoam into another jug for making their milk drinks and latte art. Sometimes they even pour it back and forth from one jug to another. Why would they do this? To eliminate the larger bubbles?
  10. mathof

    L1 Service

    If you decide to do it yourself, these videos should get you through alright: https://londiniumespresso.com/forum/permanent-file/743-video-changing-the-piston-and-portafilter-seals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWWDUvqLID8
  11. Yes, they both were the newer ones. I’ve used the older ones in the past and come to the same conclusion. Reiss of Londinium says the tighter weave of the 35uM is better at diffusing the pour from lever machines.
  12. I've compared the Cafelat and the Londinium screens. I can't recall why, but I settled on the Londinium one.
  13. £250 and it's yours. I regret that I no longer have the box. I don't know what it weighs, but it's easily lifted and carried.
  14. It makes a big difference to actually see the machines working. Depending where you live, perhaps you can find local members of Coffee Forums with machines that interest you who will welcome a visit. Bella Barista in Wellingborough sells the ECM Synchronika and has a showroom.
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