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  1. If there are any cafes near you that make espresso you like, you might ask what beans they are using and see if you can get some.
  2. To the best of my non-expert understanding, goods exported from the UK to the EU will be subject to Rules of Origin to determine whether they are tariff free. That means a specified proportion of the exported product's value must derive from materials manufactured in the UK. The Sandbox Smart is made in Taiwan, I believe.
  3. How do you remove the staples without damaging the filters?
  4. I've tried trimming what looks like the right amount with a scissors, going around the aero press filter about 3mm from the edge. It's a clumsy method that works, although the resulting disk is hardly even. I'd be grateful to hear if anyone has discovered an efficient way to do this.
  5. My bad! Sorry. Yes, a spring-driven piston is part of the original announcement. Brain fail!
  6. Simpler, no hot water tap. No automatic refill. No spring. From what I've read, it seems rather like a La Pavoni with a 56mm group.
  7. You might put this question on the Londinium forum: https://londiniumespresso.com Reiss usually takes up these kinds of problems himself. If you're not already a member of the forum, you can join even if you bought your machine second hand.
  8. I've had occasional problems with a leaking anti-vac valve. I'm on my third one now (in six years) because I've never felt competent to take one apart to clean it. I wonder if there is a more robust model available than the one Londinium uses.
  9. I think timings are more important for a pump machine than a lever. As the pressure drops steadily during a lever shot, you can't generalise about time and pressure in the same way. Flow rate certainly matters, but you can see that as the shot develops and adjust the grind accordingly. I count preinfusion time until the lever is released (after a drop or two) and then my Acaia scale automatically counts weight and time from the landing of the first drops in the cup. This information is useful to me when I'm dealing in a shot, but such measurements are so machine and grinder specific that I wou
  10. I hope your taste buds get back in working order soon. Next to incubation in an ICU, losing the ability to taste coffee is for me the worst imaginable consequence of getting Covid-19. Good luck! Oh, and the wish: a Lynn Weber (either company) steam dial.
  11. I leave mine in overnight, firmly but not tightly sealed. That's one less thing for me to worry about In the morning, when I stumble into the kitchen to find both group and portafilter ready to go (the machine having been switched on through a timer a couple of hours earlier).
  12. I don't know how long ago – before the Londinium was launched, anyway – I ran into Reiss at a pop-up coffee bar he had supplied with a Bosco two-lever machine. At the time, I was still using my 1999 La Pavoni Europiccola, but I had begun being beans from Reiss's Londinium roastery. Reiss praised Coffee Forums to me and suggested I join. So I did.
  13. It does if the room it is housed in stays at a constant temp.
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