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  1. Well, many coffee beans have been spent and a Niche Zero and Lelit Elizabeth are on order now😁. It looks like I was lucky enough to get one of the batch of Niches that became available on 6th Apr. They went very quickly - pretty much all gone within 1hr! It was a close call between the MaraX and the Elizabeth. What swung it in favour of the Elizabeth for me was slightly faster warm up time, programmable buttons and short overall depth of the unit. None of these points are big issues, though. Now to wait impatiently for them to arrive..... 🙂
  2. I think I've settled on upgrading the Silvia first, and I have narrowed it down to either the MaraX or the Elizabeth (I have a workaround for the height issue). My typical usage is 2 flat whites in the morning and 1 or 2 more in the afternoon, or an espresso or 2. I can't see me making more than 3 or 4 drinks back to back, and mostly just 1 or 2. The points I'm still debating in my head are: MaraX is a bit cheaper than Elizabeth The better half likes the look of the Elizabeth more than the MaraX. I kinda like the almost steampunk look of the Mara I "think" the Elizabeth may b
  3. Thanks for the replies! After much browsing and forum searching I'm now wondering how to convince my better half we need to upgrade both the grinder and machine 😛 Overall height is a restriction for me - I need it to fit under wall units that are just 360mm above the counter top, so that limits the choice of available machines. MaraX would fit, and I think an Appartamento could be persuaded to fit too. I really like the idea of the Niche grinder and kind of like the wooden detail on it. I've also come across recently released Solo which may be a compelling alternative to joining the queue
  4. I currently have a rancilio silvia paired with a eureka mignon (both bought new in 2015). The upgrade itch feels like it may need scratching but I'm not sure which would be the better candidate to upgrade. The espresso machine or grinder? I quite like the Lelit Mara and the Niche Zero. Would either/both be worthy upgrades to what I currently have?
  5. Sadly it is the latter... the sensor hardware can only measure up to 200g total, tare or no tare😔
  6. Not sure? I've had it for 5 years from new so I'd expect it's well and truly run in now. I've never replaced the burrs, but have given the whole grinder a thorough disassemble and clean several times. This is the first that I've heard that it wouldn't be suited for espresso so am curious to know why, and what sets the specialita out as being better. Larger diameter burrs? Anyway, even with the standard mignon on the standard setting I used to have it at I'm getting much better coffee simply by changing my stirring tool.
  7. After playing with a few variables one by one (grind size, temp surfing, bottomless portafilter, allowing the machine to heat up for 40min) I felt like I was moving in the wrong direction generally. I returned back to essentially what I was doing previously and then changed 1 thing, after being inspired by something I saw in a youtube video: stirring the grinds differently. This seemed to make a much more significant difference than I'd expected. What I had previously been doing is stirring the grinds in the PF basket with a matchstick, then levelled it by scraping the stick horizontally
  8. 2 family members have a dedica ec685 and even in stock guise it is a very commendable machine, producing good tasting espresso and flat whites to rival my eureka mignon/rancilio silvia setup. I can highly recommend it for the money. Refurbished ones can be had for under £100, even! As for the Gaggia, I can't comment as I have no experience with them.
  9. I've currently got a Eureka Mignon doserless (2015) grinder and am contemplating an upgrade, primarily with the view of reducing grind retention, and secondarily getting a better grinder. I've nominally set a budget of around £400 and have eyeballed the Eureka Mignon Specialita and the Baratza Sette 270. I quite like the idea of the Niche Zero, but it is pushing the limits of my budget, and not available until next yr. Are either of these a worthwhile upgrade over the Mignon I already have? Is the Baratza Sette 30AP a step down? Are there any other worthy considerations?
  10. Scro

    Analyse my shot

    Just looked at the Niche grinder and am quite intrigued by it, especially the "zero retention" concept (I change bean type often and find that the Mignon can retain quite a bit of the previous grind). How do you find it? Is it a huge leap forward compared to the Mignon?
  11. Scro

    Analyse my shot

    Eureka Mignon doserless (2015 model), with original burrs. I have dismantled and cleaned it internally/inspected the burrs a few times.
  12. Scro

    Analyse my shot

    For today's effort I dialled a finer grind and got an extraction time of 23sec, which is heading in the right direction. I also tried tapping the PF to settle the grinds before tamping. However I still had a bit of spritzing going on and what looked like some channeling down the edge of the basket - one of the basket holes was firing out a jet of fairly clear water rather than espresso. No video as I knocked the camera over 1/2 way through the shot🤭 Overall the coffee tasted reasonably good, and markedly different than my stock basket/PF. The new basket is a good bit deeper so may be allo
  13. Scro

    Analyse my shot

    Thanks for all the comments/explanations🙂. Next steps for me are: Finer grind Tap the portafilter to settle the grinds. I stir/break up clumps with a toothpick already. Clean/inspect the gasket
  14. Scro

    Analyse my shot

    @The Systemic Kid Excuse my ignorance, what do you mean by spritzing?
  15. Scro

    Analyse my shot

    Just noticed a leak coming down the outside of the portafilter around the 16sec mark. Either a dirty seal or it needs to be replaced...
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