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  1. Good morning. @Khashy what did the cups look like? How many did you buy and how much was postage? I really like the initial photos you put up and want to know how close you think the espressojoe ones came? Perhaps someone should start either a uk stockist shop or start making our own! it shouldn’t be this hard!
  2. @fluffles any interest in this before I spread my net wider? Not a problem if not, but thought I'd give you first refusal! Pete
  3. Hello. I’ve done some digging and the difference is slight different wheel holder tensioners and wheel strap length. Everything else is the same. Tis a great deal. Pete
  4. I’d rather not as they are in a sealed packet currently and it would make it easier for me. I’m only after £120 (plus postage) so they are a good price! Well I think they are!
  5. Brand new unopened with additional locks bike carrier. Bought but never opened. Item in Cwmbran South Wales but could post if needed.
  6. Where are you/the item located? If too far to collect, would you consider posting?
  7. pcump84

    Iberital MC2 - £75

    Hello, I am terribly sorry, I literally couldn't find the post - blaming my newbie status! My apologies for the delay and congratulations to my friend - I shall keep looking!
  8. pcump84

    Iberital MC2 - £75

    Yeah. Sorry. Completely forgot any details. NP44 2PW to be exact.
  9. pcump84

    Iberital MC2 - £75

    If you could post it, what would be your best price for grinder plus postage? Thanks.
  10. pcump84

    Rancilio Rocky

    How sold is it?
  11. Working from home currently, from March 20 to April 21. - using my La Pavoni means I have to take my laptop with me or I'll show as away for longer than allowed!!
  12. I love my airscape and have got one on my christmas list to santa! I'm 36!
  13. I think I am pulled by the single dosing capabilities of the Niche - I just struggle to justify the cost to my wife, who insists the cheap one from a supermarket will do the same job!
  14. pcump84

    UK Based Roasters

    I am going to trawl through the posts, but would be interested in finding out how people request freshly roasted beans - I buy from Square Mile and they post like a day or two after roasting and it is always excellent, but given the cost of coffee, I am reluctant to move suppliers!
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