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  2. Ideal, nice to know there's someone local who can repair a hypothetical fault on my hypothetical machine I may hypothetically get! I'm going to look into the machine more to see what version will suit me in the future but it'll likely have to be in white!
  3. Just listened to the podcast; really enjoyed it! I've been looking at a Decent or the Linea Mini as my not so distant future aspirational machine and this has definitely nudged me in the Decent direction.
  4. Doesn't oxidation occur over time? I'd argue that if more beans were put through it it'd be less likely to corrode as the beans would be exfoliating the burrs more regularly? In electrical testing, there are 3 categories of fault, C3, C2 and C1, meaning minor problem, serious problem and "someone may die" problem. Very rarely do these get better over time, only ever worse, lack of use as a defence just isn't a defence. Personally, if I forgot/neglected to do something important 3 times, I'd hold my hands up and admit fault if it all went wrong. Yes a coffee grinder is designed to grind coffee, but a frying pan is designed to fry stuff and even a stainless steel one will look a mess if you can't look after it as the manufacturer recommends/common sense dictates.
  5. I picked this up as an experiment into home roasting, not realising how good of a deal it is as it seems the roaster is usually around £380 on its own! https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/the-coffee-roasting-diy-er-gift-set
  6. Del

    Dog lovers

    This is Kiki!
  7. Good morning, been after some mugs and these look great, can I take 4 please??
  8. Del

    10ml Spray Bottles

    I’d also like one, if you can DM my your details that’d be brilliant!
  9. Looks good! I’m due to clean mine tomorrow after about a month so I’ll compare (though I also flush it every couple of weeks and run it for a second or 2 after pulling the shots)
  10. Del

    DUOMO "The Eight" GOLD

    Sounds good! I’ll DM you.
  11. Del

    DUOMO "The Eight" GOLD

    Hi @EricC, would you accept £135?
  12. Ha! I'm a moron, it's a VST! Sorry for the confusion! https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/vst/products/vst-filter-basket?variant=33183861932085
  13. It's a VST Precision Filter Basket 18g. The coffee is blooming (pun intended) delicious too!
  14. I've a 18g ridgeless IMS (EDIT, VST!!) basket and got my first stuck puck in ages a few days ago on the first shot after doing a full backflush cycle. None since. I'm loading in 16g of coffee.
  15. Here here, but I think @MediumRoastSteam has a lot to answer for too!
  16. Curses, looks like you've 3 people asking about them already, they look exactly like what we were after 😫. I would've only needed 2 though.
  17. I only know because I did exactly the same thing 🙃
  18. You have to press and hold the 1 button THEN the water button. If you press them at the same time it won’t start the auto back flush
  19. Ooo! I’ve been after some red cappuccino mugs for a while!
  20. Del

    Gaggia Classic 2011

    I posted a Classic recently with DPD, and although they don't ship coffee machines, they had no problem with an espresso maker. Cost about £18 with a grinder in the box also. Super easy, just used the app to book, took the box to a newsagent and it arrived 2 days later (with a random trip to Cornwall delaying things slightly).
  21. I thought the same when mine arrived. It does fit, if you angle it a bit and wiggle it around it should find the sweet spot for getting it in (oo-er) 😲😊. I've always used filtered tap water as the water where I live is pretty good for brewing. Enjoy the experimentation, it's worth the wait to get the quality of coffee the Elizabeth can produce!
  22. Hi all, Its been sold now.
  23. Can you tell me where you got it from, I can only see them on Amazon? No reasons for upgrading other than I wanted to try a new machine, the Classic is still working perfectly and I never had any problems making great coffee with it. In fact I’m probably getting better coffee with it than the Lelit simply because I’m more used to the Gaggia (but don’t tell the wife that!). Just need a bit more practice with the Lelit I think!!
  24. Great video!! How is the bottomless portafilter, I used my Gaggia today with it's naked filter and I really miss it. Is the Lelit one worth it?
  25. 🥳 I’ll send you a pm shortly, just off out for a run.
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