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  1. Good morning, been after some mugs and these look great, can I take 4 please??
  2. Del

    10ml Spray Bottles

    I’d also like one, if you can DM my your details that’d be brilliant!
  3. Looks good! I’m due to clean mine tomorrow after about a month so I’ll compare (though I also flush it every couple of weeks and run it for a second or 2 after pulling the shots)
  4. Del

    DUOMO "The Eight" GOLD

    Sounds good! I’ll DM you.
  5. Del

    DUOMO "The Eight" GOLD

    Hi @EricC, would you accept £135?
  6. Ha! I'm a moron, it's a VST! Sorry for the confusion! https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/vst/products/vst-filter-basket?variant=33183861932085
  7. It's a VST Precision Filter Basket 18g. The coffee is blooming (pun intended) delicious too!
  8. I've a 18g ridgeless IMS (EDIT, VST!!) basket and got my first stuck puck in ages a few days ago on the first shot after doing a full backflush cycle. None since. I'm loading in 16g of coffee.
  9. Here here, but I think @MediumRoastSteam has a lot to answer for too!
  10. Curses, looks like you've 3 people asking about them already, they look exactly like what we were after 😫. I would've only needed 2 though.
  11. I only know because I did exactly the same thing 🙃
  12. You have to press and hold the 1 button THEN the water button. If you press them at the same time it won’t start the auto back flush
  13. Ooo! I’ve been after some red cappuccino mugs for a while!
  14. Del

    Gaggia Classic 2011

    I posted a Classic recently with DPD, and although they don't ship coffee machines, they had no problem with an espresso maker. Cost about £18 with a grinder in the box also. Super easy, just used the app to book, took the box to a newsagent and it arrived 2 days later (with a random trip to Cornwall delaying things slightly).
  15. I thought the same when mine arrived. It does fit, if you angle it a bit and wiggle it around it should find the sweet spot for getting it in (oo-er) 😲😊. I've always used filtered tap water as the water where I live is pretty good for brewing. Enjoy the experimentation, it's worth the wait to get the quality of coffee the Elizabeth can produce!
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