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  1. Thanks for the useful info bud. I thought there may be somewhere but hey it beats buying supermarket coffee!
  2. Morning chaps. I cannot for the life of me see anywhere on Has bean website when the beans were roasted and where?. Does anyone know. I usually order from the coffee bean shop. And does anyone know of other good online coffee stores with free delivery. It's costing me a fortune in post! Alex :-)
  3. I'm probably going to be shot as I have purchased a fully automatic Delonghi prima Donna Avant. I don't have the time for manual machine but love my coffee. I'm picking up today.. I enjoy mixed blends. I have purchased some single blend Costa rica coffee from The coffee bean shop. I love the Mocha guatemala blend and the every day espresso blend. I want to try more do you guys have any recommendations. Al.
  4. what a warm welcome. Thank you forum members
  5. Were they Costa coffee beans by any chance!
  6. Hi guy's hope you have all had a good weekend. I am an avid coffee drinker. I like most coffee types. I have joined the forum to understand coffee a little more. I have just invested in a new coffee machine after my old one is circa 4 years old and was only £300, it did the job. Look forward to chatting soon. Alex
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