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  1. He is a Taiwanese who sells coffee beans. His shop name is Tiger.
  2. I would also like to share with you the performance and stability of this machine. I had roasted 6 batches of beans, mainly Brazil Santos. The machine labeled VOLTS as the "POWER". So, I use this label as VOLTS. This is a rotational knob for adjusting the temperature. As you can see, the temperature fluctuates during the drying phase, this was mainly due to the machine needs proper warming up for 3 minutes. Once the machine is stabilized, the fluctuations become very minimum. Most importantly, the development phase which requires very stable temperature. Since I live in tropical country, morning and afternoon does affecting the performance. Most preferred roasting time is in the morning where the temperature is at around 29-30C.
  3. Hi, I bought this roaster about a month ago. Personally, I would say it is quite a well built machine. It has more than sufficient power (heat) generated by the machine. I owned a simple drum roaster, but I prefer fluid bed roaster as it produces consistent roasting. This Fluid Bed Roaster is a lower version without the artisan feature, I am intended to develop my own with Arduino, there are plenty of resources for supporting this development. Due to I owned an older version, the chaff collector was smaller which they have an improved version with a long chaff collector. Another issue is, when mounting the temperature probe attached to the chamber base (aluminum), it does dissipate some heat which brings down the bean temperature by about 10C. However, I do attached my own temperature probe on the chaff collector for measuring the chamber temperature for better accuracy. Anyway, once I develop the artisan curve monitoring program, I will be able to control the temperature fairly easy. Overall, I would say this machine is well built. The seller will support you during the warranty period for spare parts, but you will need to replace it by yourself. I received my unit with broken temperature probe, they shipped me 2 units immediately. I would like to share my video with you, this is how i operate the machine, I am referencing the profile towards Scott Rao's recommendation. I am getting pretty near to the target, some rooms for improvement over the development phase. Below is the Youtube link, feel free to reply me if you need more information. The curve below is based on 30 seconds interval, manually recorded the data, and plot it. I will use Arduino to automate this process sometime next week once I received all the hardware.
  4. Do you use filtered water? Filtered water from the filtering systems or from the fridge?
  5. I have been using this machine for 8 months, so far it works like a charm! Here are the things that I perform :- 1)For the dip tray leakage issue as mentioned here, my recommendation is not to wait until the tray is full before emptying the tray. 2)I use a clean water to run a blank froth after used. 3)Make sure to use a filtered water so that it will not build up the calcium which can choke the machine. 4)Perform backflushing as scheduled by the machine (machine will prompt). 5)Perform the descaling when prompted by the machine.
  6. It does. My recommendation is not to wait until the dip tray is full. Try to emptying it at least once a week. Do a thorough cleaning at least once a month. So far I have not encounter any issues.
  7. I normally don’t wait until the dip tray is near to full before emptying the tray. I have been using this machine for over 8 months, not a single time of water over flow or stuck or leaking.
  8. Some beans can drastically changed in the brewing behavior. I owned a Breville Smart Pro, same type of Brazil beans but different location can lead to quite a wide change in grind size. I would suggest you list down your current settings here so that everyone can use those parameters to make further recommendations for you. Bean type : originated from, age of beans Current grind size Dose in weight Dose out weight Brewing time starts from the button is pressed.
  9. Increase the grind size?
  10. Ajohn got the point. I measure dose in and also dose out. If you skip dose out, you could get a lower dose for brewing your coffee due to the grinder is not zero retention.
  11. Initially, I removed all the bolts and nuts to perform a thorough cleaning, later I noticed that I can clean up the lower burr pretty easily without removing the lower burr (where the felt seat right in). I am using the brush provided to loosen the grinds and in between the impeller fins. A good vacuum suction is important to bring all the grinds out. It’s a 10 minutes job.
  12. I live in Asia, the local service center doesn’t carry any stock either. Now I have to reuse back the torn felt washer.
  13. Yes, certainly. We will know what is the dose in and what we will expect on the dose out, then calculate the brew ratio.
  14. Clock starts counting when you press the button, that is the pre-infusion stage.
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