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  1. Hi I’d take this at £460 if you’re happy for me to arrange courier collection.
  2. (mods - I don’t know how to change the tag to Sold, sorry)
  3. I’ve now agreed to sell to a member of my family.
  4. Hi there My route was MC2 > Rocky > this. It has a small knob with very clear numbers and dialling in is ridiculously easy compared to the MC2! Burrs are flat.
  5. My Mignon has just gone up for sale: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?49049-Lovely-red-Eureka-Mignon-with-timer-%A3175-ono
  6. My Eureka Mignon has just gone up for sale: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?49049-Lovely-red-Eureka-Mignon-with-timer-%A3175-ono
  7. I've just put my Eureka Mignon up for sale: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?49049-Lovely-red-Eureka-Mignon-with-timer-%A3175-ono
  8. [links to photos removed as succeeded in embedding them - mods can delete this post!]
  9. Putting my Mignon up for sale as I’m hoping to upgrade to a Niche Zero. Bought from Bella Barista in 2015 and used for on average 1 or 2 shots a day. I regularly put GRINDZ through it and give it a proper clean out from time to time (though not obsessively). It is in great condition with spotless paintwork. It is fitted with the timer but I’ve never used it! Located in SE London but I reckon it could be posted without too much trouble. Pics below; will try and add some of the burrs this evening.
  10. Hiya Trawled through the pages but can’t see a Eureka one anywhere- let me know if you have a go at one!
  11. I’ve just put my Piccino up for sale if you’re still in the market for something entry level :-)
  12. I'm putting my Piccino up for sale as upgradeitis is getting a hold on me. The good: Amazingly small for a DB machine. My kitchen is tiny and this doesn't take up much space. Fed Ashbeck/Volvic its entire life (I bought it a few years ago on this forum for £420) Totally reliable, produces very decent shots and froths milk quickly - I upgraded from a Gaggia Classic with PID and this machine is much more consistent. Grouphead regularly stripped down and cleaned. VST basket included. The bad: It's not in showroom condition - the chrome on the top is scratched, as is the chrome drip tray inset, and the paint on the right hand side panel is scratched (see picture) The down side of the Piccino's tiny footprint is that the steam boiler is effectively a closed circuit so can't be easily descaled without returning the machine to the factory. However it's never been used with tap water while I have owned it and I understand the same was true of its previous owner. Looking for around £300. I'm based in SE London (BR3) and would prefer collection or could deliver within a reasonable distance. Pics:
  13. @Phil104 another cheeky request - do you have any of the screws left?
  14. I'd like to add Cantina in Ventnor to this list. The only Square Mile I've found this side of the Solent (and well served too) plus excellent baked goods and Italian/Austrian wine. Amazingly current opening hours are 0730-2200 every day. Go and support it!
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