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  1. It's the last cartridge that will minerlaise and change the ORP, Tds and pH.
  2. There's a couple of good points raised here. First is if water already has dissolved solids and gases there is less room for coffee to become extracted into the water. So purer is better. Secondly if water is very pure can it cause a problem with the machine and the answer is it depends. In around 2012 we discovered about ORP, oxidation reduction which is actually is fast-forward to nowadays used to measure the corrosion of hot water systems. That's why the Osmio Zero has a negative ORP. It also is good for the human body to drink and use water for hot drinks which has a negative ORP as it is
  3. It won't stick otherwise and especially when it gets wet
  4. Hi our last prototype included a flow through ioniser but it turned out to be not as good as a separate hydrogen bottle so we are sticking with the current model. We did a prototype of a model with 9 buttons, 4 each for temperature and volume and one middle one but it's not as good as the original design. Turns out the wheel is a pretty good shape but hydrogen is definitely better as a separate device, the OSMIO Duo
  5. Dear CFUK members, I've managed to bring forward new offers for the Osmio range, valid from now until the end of May 2021. Deal 1: Osmio Zero 333 Offer - choose between white or black, UK, EU or now 110v USA/Canada version! Includes the system only for £333. Deal 2: Osmio Zero 333 Offer plus 123 for 3 sets of filters (3 x full set of all 4 filters) making a total of £456. Deal 3: The Ultimate Package - Osmio Zero, 3 sets of Filters, and the Sanitisation Kit for £469. To place an order, just message me with your chosen deal, the colour and plug you want and your deliver
  6. Now the Osmio Zero deals have expired at the end of March, I would like to bring a new and different offer! 26% off everything voucher for £5 valid for 4 weeks from date of purchase with no limit on the purchase - Includes the entire Osmio Water range, Buckland Lake Reserve entry, Glampod Hire, Cafe & Shop and PurePlanet Biodynamic Coffee. Simple send me a message to order your voucher and I'll send you a payment request and then send you your unique one off discount code which can use used once, valid for 4 weeks. This is a serious offer and I just want to see how it goes, so I am li
  7. Hi there you can take them off if it really bothers you, i find it makes a nice surface protection for things, but people have removed them by very carefully peeling it off and using adhesive wipes to take the glue off and it can work fine with the white one but with the black one it's a bit risky I think but it has been done a few times before.
  8. Yes the steps are all in the manual, filter reset in section 5.2
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