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  1. I would do it for the whole house and plumb it in and your just leaving a bypass if you leave and take it away
  2. A softener isn't more complicated than a washing machine, or you can take it with you when you move easily
  3. OSMIO Customer service team job opportunities View Advert Dear Cfuk members Osmio is currently looking to grow its customer service team and I would like to see if anyone on the cfuk who has a particular interest in water quality, health and wellbeing, and of course coffee! Our customer service team works remotely handling calls and emails from all customers both before and after sales. The role requires both a technical understanding of how the machines and filters works, what can go wrong and how to solve problems customers face. The job is based from home, but we have a nature reserve in medway Kent we are based from, so could include work from here if local or residential trips for training if not. For home working, the role would suit someone who has Internet and a home office environment. The team works together through online video team room and use our telephone system to communicate and transfer calls and for training. Although previous experience is desirable, it is not necessary as training will be provided. Good communication skills are essential to deal with the wide ranging challenges we face in solving water and health problems for people. We are about to embark on studies through 3 phds we are match funding and we are now working with a hospital on their own cancer trail and the time to join Osmio couldn't be better or more exciting. For any more info please email me on [email protected] or call 07539582354 If you wish to apply please email me your cv and please give me a call for a short telephone interview. Best wishes and thanks, Mark Advertiser Mark Osmio Date 26/09/21 Price Category Wanted  
  4. As long as your on mains drainage you should get a water softener and use that in the ro system, it's best to also use a carbon block before the softener in order to protect the resin from damage from chemicals and the valve from suspended solids. Doing this will make the softener last longer and protect your plumbing and heating system and all water based appliances.
  5. I'm planning to spray one with copper paint, I think it will look cool. You can take the case off by taking off 8 screws and then totally customise the look of it, you can even vinyl wrap it. We might do photo competition for the coolest customised zero, winner gets a years worth of filters! 😜
  6. When using alcohol wipes you have to take the alcohol off as soon as all the glue comes off, or this will happen
  7. No you can change it before the light. It's good to do that if you can. If there is enough water a long press gives 1 litre and hot is 600ml on long press roughly.
  8. It will get louder as the supply tank level goes down because it draws in more air
  9. Use alcohol wipes to remove the labels if you want,it removes the glue
  10. The internal tank is 1.5 litres and there needs to be at least 500ml inside to dispense any of the hot settings
  11. Hi Instantnoodles I have just seen this and checked this out. I've seen your contact by email in July with the advisories on what do do but clearly these haven't worked but we didn't hear back so the team would have assumed it's solved. Best thing to resolve this would to contact me to arrange to check your unit back to check it out. In the meantime if you know your cacao3 and Tds would be useful info. Best wishes Mark
  12. Just a quick note to say that this will be the last ever offer at such a a good rate, as unfortunately across the board we are needing to raise prices which have been fixed for many years, shipping rates increases which were absorbed are now affecting the cost of raw material too so best get your Osmio Zero now as its the last month of a really competitive offer. Best wishes Mark
  13. Dear CFUK members, We have decided to repeat our May special offer for the CFUK members until the end of July. Deal 1: Osmio Zero 333 Offer - choose between white or black, UK, EU or now 110v USA/Canada version! Includes the system only for £333. Deal 2: Osmio Zero 333 Offer plus 123 for 3 sets of filters (3 x full set of all 4 filters) making a total of £456. Deal 3: The Ultimate Package - Osmio Zero, 3 sets of Filters, and the Sanitisation Kit for £469. On deal 3, we have a GROUP BUY OFFER - get a group of 5 to go for deal 3 for £400 each!!! To place an order, just message me with your chosen deal, the colour and plug you want and your delivery address, contact number and email address and I can raise the order for you. This offer is valid for UK customers and includes delivery and VAT. We are able to offer the package deals to anywhere in the EU plus also USA and Canada but there would be a separate delivery charge which we will need to quote you for. Any deliveries outside the UK will be delivered by DHL with all duties and taxes paid. Here is a Youtube Playlist of Videos related to the Osmio Zero https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf60yVvogVi4jt47aFz72Wze6v6Oyrn43 Best wishes Mark Osmio Water
  14. use alcohol wipes to take the glue off
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