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  1. if the issue is corrosion, then the most important parameter to get right is the ORP, but if the pH is acidic and the ORP is positive, then there will be corrosion, but if the ORP is negative and the pH is acidic, it doesn't corrode anywhere near as quickly.
  2. When we bring out a new model we will invite existing customers to trade in their Zero which can be reconditioned and given to charity or sold on ebay as grade C ones and I will do my best to bring the best offers available to the CFUK members.
  3. If we started today it would be at least a few years before its out, so you're ok because we aren't starting this. We are working on the next version of the Osmio Infinity and Osmio Sanser 2L at the moment.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, We are planning to make a sediment filter extension tube so people with very hard water can alarm to replace water at about 1.5 to 2 litres remaining, which will help the filter life. We made a version that had temperature on left buttons, volume dispensing options on the right and a central button but the feedback was there were too many touch buttons and it was more confusing more people. If the system is taking longer to go into replace water alarm, it is also a sign that the membrane i nearing end of life and getting blocked. The replace water alarm w
  5. That is great to hear! The Osmio Zero will obviously filter the wter for impurities but the really important thing too is the redox potential and the Osmio Zero will make your ORP slightly negative, which means the water is helpful now for donating negative electrons, the last time I tested it I had +250mv from the tap, and -15mv after the Zero, and after the Osmio Duo Hydrogen Bottle, the ORP is -550mv. This is one way you can provide the body with negative electrons, which is good.
  6. Using softened water is generally fine with all reverse osmosis systems, but you must be aware that if you use a non electric twin tank version, when the tanks switch you get a bit of salty water come into the cold water, especially worse with models approaching 10 years and end of life, which can cause salt to get into the system which damages the membrane sheets. Salt water membranes are made from a different material to withstand it.
  7. There are many considerations when considering the differences. First one is level of filtration for impurities. No argument the Osmio Zero is better at nominal 0.001 vs 0.2 micron on the Clarity. So by definition the Osmio Zero makes purer water. An the Clarity is not small enough to take out the sodium carbonate added by a salt softener, which is typically 150mg per litre. The Osmio Zero is suitable for removing the added sodium carbonate from a salt softener. Next thing about the number of users. The Osmio Fusion is an installed countertop version of the Osmio Zero and its ideal
  8. Here a video I did about the remineralisation for some more info:
  9. The Osmio Zero uses reverse osmosis but also a remineralisation filter to act as a buffer and also to lower to ORP of the water. So when they refer to RO water on the internet, then it's not actually the same as RO with DI like is used in labs, schools, hospitals and recon rooms.
  10. You are right this recently changed and we have to update our manual and other versions have 250ml
  11. They don't actually yet appreciate water existing in more phases than solid, liquid and gas, there are stable water clusters, this has all been discovered by physicists and not medical people, so unfortunately yet you won't find any info about it from them.
  12. You're right it's too a lack of oxygen, that's why yoga is very good to get it deep into the joints and tissues. So real hydration is a lung and heart health function alongside a health gut function.
  13. The english language needs to evolve, so water is 2/3 hydrogen, and dehydration to me means a lack of hydrogen, and it became of because of dealing with alot of people who are dehydrated but do infact drink plenty of water, so it's an evolved understanding and open to learning more and new ideas on this subject, it's deep!
  14. Being 62% hydrogen by volume, I consider it more than useful but necessary and important, hydrogen is elemental and forms other compounds in the body, like it does helium through quantum tunnelling. To understand stable water clusters, you would need to read physics papers, it is not discussed in the medical world much yet.
  15. Andy I've previous explained the basis. Again, we produce hydrogen through the anerobic fermentation of food it gets into the bloody through the wall of the colon. We breathe oxygen and thr two combine to form metabolic water. There are a few types of dehydration but all of them involve a lack.of hydrogen. How there is h2 and o in water but we don't break apart that much in the body as it requires more energy, instead we have a smart way of making water in the body and that's the water that actually gets deep. That's why a bit of tai chi and toga ia very good, get the oxygen deep and make the
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