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  1. I don't use the razor tool with the single wall baskets just weighed the beans once ground to get 17-18g in basket depending on beans
  2. It was after running the cleaning cycle (for which I used a cleaning tablet that came with the machine) after the cycle was completed there was still a lot of the tablet left so I am going to buy powder to use in future. I removed the shower screen the following day and it wasn't filthy but definately has oily yellowy brown residue. After washing (had to use washing up liquid as it was all I had) and a good rinse it was shiny silver again. Sadly it didn't improve my shots. Still sour but will keep trying.
  3. Took the showerscreen off which came away easily once I had the confidence to ease it off. It was a, bit brown and oily. Not caked but definitely benefited from a good clean Very simple to replace too so will make this part of my regular routine and not just rely on the auto cleaning cycle.
  4. Yes you can either manually steam milk or use the temp/froth (volume) buttons with the auto steam function. Unfortunately that's the only part I've mastered so far as cannot pull a decent shot out of mine.
  5. Thanks, discovered a you tube video showing how to manually backflush using the single basket and cleaning disk so tried that. Then flippin machine decided I needed to run the, auto cleaning programme a couple of shots later, typical. Will try removing the showerscreen to check the back too
  6. Thanks will give this a go.
  7. So when you put the screw driver in the screw hole does the shower head come away leaving the silicone bit still stay in place?
  8. As you can only access the cleaning programme when the machine directs you to with the flashing lights does, anyone backflush using the cleaning disk on a more regular basis? If so can you advise me how to do this. Do I run a shot using the 1 or 2 cup button manually or a manual shot and for how long? Also should I be removing the shower screen to wash it, to get rid of any oil residue build up? I did try taking the screw that holds the showerscreen in place out but after removal I couldn't figure out how to get the screen out as it appears to be attached to the silicone ring (sorry don't know
  9. @CrazySnakeUncle Just wanted to let you know, I feel your pain. I appear to be on a near identical journey but with different kit. Like you I'm a newbie to home espresso and am currently resting a bag of chocolate point after going through 3 other bags of beans (Rave Colombia Suarez, Grindhouse Bravilian blend and, Monkeyboard Brazilian) out of which I managed one decent shot but why it was decent? no idea, other than it was made to try out a bottomless portafilter that had just arrived so the shot was just chucked together without much thought just to have a go. didn't weigh it or time it and
  10. Could you let me know which thread this was I have searched but can't find it I am interested in usining this idea on my bambino plus
  11. Do you run a couple of blank shots though to heat up the shower head and empty portafilter before pulling your first shot. Also preheating your cups with hot water might helps as if they are cold they may be drawing the heat from your coffee. Sorry don't know how 5o increase the internal brew temp so apologies if I'm just stating the obvious
  12. Who did you order from?
  13. Any roaster recommendations please I would be really greatful. I'm starting to doubt I will find something I like that I can drink black without drowning it in hot water!
  14. Not a connoisseur just prefer black unsweetened coffee. I don't like warmed milk in any form and weaned off sugar in coffee in my twentys Now in my fifties and dislike any sugary drinks but... New to espresso and struggling to find beans that are good to drink black but not bitter. Probably partly down to my novice extraction Skills when trying to reach a smooth long black cup,though I am reading everything, here, Hoffman, Barista Hustle, just trying to improve.
  15. That's not good customer service, at all. I was lucky that I got lakeland to price match a bambino+ I found online in Eire so got it for £260with their 3 Yr guarantee which was good going in October then used the 25% discount code I found on this forum with sage on the grinder. Don't think I would buy direct from Sage again though.
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