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  1. Hi Emre, Sorry, I ended up getting a Eureka Mignon Silenzio. Dara
  2. Yes, my local B&Q didn't have a long handle 12mm so I bought this 10mm one.
  3. @Doof, I bought a 10mm long screwdriver in B&Q and that did the trick
  4. No problem, we are both in the same boat. I haven't measure mine but I am hopeful that the extra few mms might help.
  5. Hi, I am trying to clean my Gaggia Classic 2015 and I cannot remove the brew head valve. Its completely jammed. I have tried to use a coin to turn it but it just bends the coin. I have seen a video where someone has a tool that seems to turn it quite easily. Does anyone know what this tool is called (not the screwdriver!, the tool used for removing the 2nd part): Does anyone else have trouble unscrewing this? Dara
  6. Hi Any thoughts on the Eureka Mignon Crono for espresso coffee? The website says that it goes from Turkish to French Press. I am really only interested in espresso. It comes in at around the same as the Sage Grinder Pro ~ £200. Would the Crono be a better buy for grinding for espresso? Up to now I have been using a cheap Delonghi grinder for my Gaggia Classic (2015) with pressurised portafilter but I want to start using a non pressurised basket now. https://www.eureka.co.it/en/catalogo/prodotti/macinacaffè+on+demand/1/26.aspx Thanks Dara
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