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  1. 58.5/58.55mm Distribution Tool View Advert Looking for a 58.5 or 58.55mm distribution tool, wedge shape preferable or asso the jack style Advertiser Sean1ucc Date 28/04/21 Price Category Wanted  
  2. Ok let's move to PM. Mods please move thread to sold
  3. Postage is 3.85, can split otherwise I'll hold out
  4. Given weight of distributor ~500g could do 22.50 posted which would cover some of the postage
  5. Just double checking you're looking for all 3 items? If so then 30 posted is fine and can move to PM
  6. Moving on Sage machine so have a few accessories left. Dosing funnel that works with the trigger on sage grinder or machines with built in grinder - 10 Claro Swiss water filter - SOLD eslewhere Tamper/Distributor - 10
  7. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4786832 Coffeetim has two designs that both work very well, one is for the MK2 and just requires putting some PTFE tape around the dial as the Specialita is a bit smaller. He then designed another one for the Specialita
  8. Could you provide a link to the magnets you used please?
  9. Use a bellows as well so minimal retention but just means you have an extra part. Got some guy on eBay to piece it together based on some guides
  10. You can't with just those two pieces, the beans will fly about in there. I used a weighted plunger to place inside the hopper design to apply consistent downwards force and stop popcorning
  11. Coffeetim designed a good version for 3D printing and was kind enough to put the design on thingverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4755847 The Specialita dial is a about 2mm smaller than the MK2. Have you printed which should arrive tomorrow can show fit on Specialita
  12. Perfect thanks, can move to PM on this
  13. @cengland117 thanks for those. Stainless steel frame or was there any rust in those areas cleaned off?
  14. I'll take the knock out drawer providing there's no major dents or scratches that can't be seen in pics
  15. Can I ask where you got the design for the larger dial and indicator please?
  16. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/57113-anyone-handy-with-3d-modeling-software/#comments
  17. I got lucky with the dust blower before Amazon stopped selling!
  18. Move to sold please mods
  19. Looks good, let's move to PM for details
  20. Would be interested in the cups, have you a picture please?
  21. Any coffee related accessories to be honest!
  22. If there's no sign of any swaps I'll re-list for sale
  23. Finally got the grinder back, here's the parts in situ. Will post a video later
  24. I have a few surplus parts as I've gone through a few versions. Open to swaps for individual items or the lot. - Tray - single dose hopper with lid - V2 single dose hopper, needs plunger insert - Mignon MkII vertical chute converter
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