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  1. Hi. Do you know how high this is to the top of the hopper.
  2. Cool. I've made it to the cafe (same owners?) on the first floor but never up to the top floor. Will give it a try.
  3. Hi. I'm near York too. Haven't been into town much recently. Where do you reckon the best coffee is?
  4. I'm just a newbie. But should Carvetti be on the list?
  5. Been lurking for several weeks or so. It's all a little overwhelming. My interest was triggered by a great coffee using beans from Carvetti.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like it could be used, but you don't have to go there.
  7. Hello. Hope that I don't get thrown out before I start, but espresso isn't on the cards in the near future. I'm just looking to improve the flavour of our filter and French press coffee. Would a used commercial work for this or is it just overkill and daft? Strangely I just like the idea of a big solid chunk of metal in the kitchen. Usually brew 3 mugs at a time and wasn't think of anything manual. Is a worn out commercial as bad for coarser grinds as it is for finer grinds. Thanks for any comments.
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