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  1. Tried again today. This time I pulled around 70ml of water from the hot water tap prior to steaming. This made boiler kick in again. As soon as steam pressure hit 1.5 bar I did a quick blast on the steam wand and tried again. Result was marginally improved but ultimately the same. I also set temp to number 2 to see if that would have any effect but it didn’t.
  2. Thanks. I’m going to try a few different things tomorrow and maybe BB will have an answer. The stupid thing is I hardly drink anything other than espresso. The latte’s are for my wife. I convinced her I needed to upgrade as I was fed up with waiting for steam on the Silvia for her lattes 😂
  3. Tbh I never timed it but it was comparatively quick. Usually I’m fighting to texture the milk before the heat rapidly approaches 65c. The power of the steam initially is fine but noticeably weaker. I have no issue with this. In all honesty a little more time to texture would be good. It’s the drop off that is the deal breaker. I’ve been successfully making a good velvety microfoam for 10+ years and I’ve used a few different machines. I know this is not my ability although I expected a learning curve. It simply does not work as it should. Unless I am somehow triggering a rare bug everytime
  4. Yes got mine from BB. Emailed them yesterday but obviously being NY not expecting an immediate response. Mine hasn’t maintained temp once apart from a test I did after a single shot this morning with some water but I’m now doubting I waited long enough. Interestingly mine is also on a smart plug and I never froth milk in the morning only on second use of the day. It is switched off in between though.
  5. It’s 300ml. Perhaps this is too much? I’m coming from the Silvia which would heat that in 20 seconds. Because of the low pressure and therefore temp I only achieved 35c by the end of the video. Was aiming for 60c.
  6. Thanks will try that. I don’t usually take that long just no pressure.
  7. Yes normally my Silvia would have been done well before then but the milk was only up to 35c when it ran out of steam and video ended. I usually go up to 60c.
  8. Tried again this afternoon. This time I pulled 2 shots. Cleaned PF. Didn’t flush. This is the result. Basically still an issue. Boiler clearly kicks in half way through steaming. On this occasion my daughter who was filming got bored and stopped but pressure continued to drop to the point I had to stop and way for it to return above 1 bar Any suggestions? Milk temp was only up to 35c when film stopped.
  9. Just of curiosity, why would you flush the E61 after the 2 shots and before steaming? You could steam and then in the end after you had the coffees etc you can flush the group to clean it, the steam wand etc. A combination of OCD and a 10 year habit 😁 I’m happy to not do it if it fixes the issue though.
  10. I pulled a single shot this morning and then run some steam into a jug of water. For the first time it maintained steam pressure. I didn’t flush the e61 as I normally do before steaming milk. Going to try this again a bit later but pull 2 shots first. If this works it would suggest flushing additional water through the group head after pulling 2 shots in between steaming causes the issue.
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience. I always pull 2 shots. I then knock out the second puck and clean the PF. Steam is always hovering on 1.5 bars before I start steaming but drops off within seconds. I’m yet to experience it not doing this and I’ve tried 10+ times. Initial pressure is good and I agree with you that the Silvia was aggressive. I could definitely work with it if it would stay above 1 bar. As mentioned above I have been flushing the E61 to rinse grinds off after pulling my second shot. Perhaps this is what’s confusing it. I’m going to try again tomorrow firstly just a s
  12. Agreed. Going to give it go. Fingers crossed it’s that simple.
  13. I’m going to try just a single latte tomorrow to see if I get the issue. If I don’t then need to play around with my work flow to see if I can find a solution. I do flush the e61 after the second shot to clear the screen but the steam pressure remains at 1.5 bar after doing that.
  14. I’m at temp setting 1. I watched DaveC’s video on YouTube and he pulls 2 shots back to back then foams milk without a pressure drop in brew priority mode. I’ll give that a go but a bit annoying if you want to make 2 large lattes. Means you have to foam milk twice. Unless you keep swirling it
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