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  1. Chriss29

    Flair 58

    I think it looks quite refined however I think it will evolve and get better which is why I’ve decided to opt out of this version for now. Also, a small thing, but that pressure gauge is just awful 🤣 .
  2. Chriss29

    Flair 58

    Thanks @Luca06 for the in-depth reply, very useful. I wish I could speak German as the Kaffemacher reviews seem really good. YouTube auto subtitles are pretty useless unfortunately 🤣
  3. Chriss29

    Flair 58

    Agree the cleanup seems really good and you don’t need to worry about scale too I guess ☺️. Can you tell much difference in the espresso compared to your Bianca?
  4. Chriss29

    Flair 58

    Latest model now available at Doppio for £525. Not as expensive as I thought it would be. Anyone tempted?
  5. Great setup! Good job the Vesuvius isn’t 1mm taller 🤣
  6. Sounds like a great setup! How’s the La Pavoni at milk steaming? Enjoy the ride 😀
  7. Not one Gaggia Classic, that’s a surprise! Thanks @dfk41 for creating, it’s interesting to see
  8. Being completely recyclable or compostable would be great. Just don’t make the packaging recyclable then staple a non recyclable label to it like one company I used did. That just didn’t make sense to me. Thanks for asking, it’s an interesting topic for sure
  9. Yes it’ll fit with your needs just fine. I’d wait ten minutes after turning on before brewing then it should be stable.
  10. 1. dfk ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva 2. spasypaddy Lelit Bianca 3 @DavecUK Lelit Bianca Prototype 4. @Rob666 Rocket Giotto Evoluzione 5. @P1FanaticRocket Appartamento Serie Nera 6. @Chriss29 Sage Dual Boiler
  11. I second all the good things written about Black Cat. The service is always excellent, reliable and their selection changes frequently. I struggle to justify ordering from anyone else!
  12. 🤣 Shhhh I was keeping that quiet! 🤣
  13. I could be wrong but I expect any machine over £500 would last for life if you look after it and at the same time you could kill any machine very quickly if you don't. What might help people to advise further is if you could explain what a machine for life means? Looks, features, ease of use perhaps? If it's looks I would agree with you on a LMLM but if it's features you value, it's far from the best. Do you have a grinder already? Might be worth rethinking our whole set-up if you're happy to spend that amount of cash?
  14. Chriss29


    Personally I think Costa offers the best espresso compared to Nero and Starbucks and I think their staff are better trained too so good on them. Going for a Costa is more about the ambience, company your with or even just the caffeine whereas for me having a coffee is about the process and taste of the output so in a way not even comparable!
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