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  1. I know! Having lost out on 2 unmodded Classics and two unmodded Rancilio Silvias on ebay I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled onto the forum and it was literally on the top of the classifieds! Thanks again for the advice!
  2. Your advice has reassured me as I've just put an offer on a Gaggia Classic from a member here on the forum! It's got a few of the upgrades James Hoffman discusses in the video, and is still considerably cheaper than it would be for me to get the Lelit from Germany!
  3. Thanks for all the great advice! I do have a Hario scales which I've been using for filter coffee and whatnot, so that's one thing checked off the list! It also looks like I've just agreed to buy a machine from someone here on the forum, which includes a motta tamper so we're knocking things off the list. That 3 pound stand seems like TOO much of a bargain for me to not be suspicious, but then again for 3 pounds it's almost seems better value to just find out? So the new list is Motta tamper Check! Scales with timer Check! Milk jug Tamp stand/mat (th
  4. I've had pretty good experiences with RM up to this point, but haven't had to ship anything as big as the Gaggia. I'll have a shop around and get back, but in the meantime would also be happy to make a formal offer for the asking price? (And I'll hand the shipping costs of course!)
  5. Ah our Lord and Saviour here to shine the light of knowledge once again!
  6. Sorry a *'decent' tamper What are the advantages of a stand over a mat? Currently considering the Lelit Anna which has a 57mm portafilter, but other than that everything I'm looking at has the 58mm, good to know though. I'm finding the with accessories it's very easy to spend a little money or lot of money for things that on the surface seem somewhat similar.
  7. Hi there, Super interested in this! How would you feel about shipping to Ireland? Thanks!
  8. That's a good point about the 57mm portafilter - this might seem like a stupid question but surely Lelit aren't the only people making 57mm baskets and whatnot? I already have a Sage Smart Grinder Pro, which people regard either quite well or think is a piece of sh1t depending on who you ask! I've been looking at second hand machines and the Lelit would really be on the upward end of my budget as I don't want to over invest from the getgo!
  9. Hey there, dunno if you're still looking but I recently had to answer this question for myself and my research brought me to the Smart Grinder Pro by Sage. Haven't used it for espresso yet but I find it excellent for other styles of coffee and from what I've seen online it seems very capable of a decent espresso grind!
  10. Hi all, Another newbie here - rapidbly barrelling towards my first espresso setup. Already have a Sage/Breville Smart Grinder Pro and am currently in the process of finding the right machine (Looking at all the 'classic' first machines at the moment - Gaggia Classic, Rancilio Silvia et al). Just wondering if there are any items considered essential that people would recommend? I'm thinking along the lines of tamp mats (and tampers for that matter). Currently on my list I've got a frothing jug, 'decant tamper' and a couple of espresso/cappuccino cups.
  11. Hi all, Decided to take the plunge and get into home espresso (much to the consternation of my girlfriend over the tinyness of our kitchen). After about a month of researching the Anna has cropped up as an appealing option - I even managed to find the PID version over on Amazon De. The compact size was a real draw. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Anna as a newbie, or even just any insight on what it'd be like for a newbie to use? Considering a couple of options at the moment - but the PID and small footprint are real draws!
  12. Lurking for about a month but wish I had found the site sooner - went through a lot of beans when I started taking coffee seriously at the start of lockdown!
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