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  1. Is this the compak grinder you’ve got for sale listed as brand new?
  2. Distributors help get a level bed if your tamping skills are a bit off. Level tamp key
  3. 18g vst is a good all round basket. Never seen the need for 22g unles you like large drinks. Single 7g baskets are finicky so id split the double instead if you can deal with the waste.
  4. bang in that demographic but dont hold those views. Its sad it exists and theres a platform for it.
  5. Aye ive seen some of those views on another forum. Free speech eh that old chestnut. Excuse for dodgy views in my book
  6. I’m confused. Why is it a bad thing to stop offensive stuff on here? opinions might differ but sexism racism bigotry isn’t ok is it?
  7. JohnC56

    Mara X

    Ive got a hammer
  8. JohnC56

    Mara X

    👍🏻 Cheers
  9. JohnC56

    Mara X

    Good suggestion thanks. Reliability issues? Sorry dont want to derail this thread
  10. Whoa well said - hang on where’s that post gone?
  11. JohnC56

    Mara X

    Ah ok, cheers. Around a grand mrboots. Sounds like I should MAKE space when we downsize
  12. JohnC56

    Mara X

    Aye. Thoughts come to smaller machine quicker heat up time so we dont have to leave it on all day but something that is temp stable and not too expensive.
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