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  1. Just saw this posted on insta earler by ACS. Did anybody recieve any more information after making the final payment to Paolo?In the lines of when he despatched or is going to?
  2. I am also going for this choice,water tap left,steam right.
  3. I've been without a machine from end of Jan !!! Had just a few takeaway espresso's during this time, and looking forward for the 1st batch delivery !!
  4. Doctor Espresso | A place where the past meets the future with great coffee! The guy has an amazing old lever collection as well.
  5. hysaf

    ACS Minima

  6. I`ll have the knock box at asking if Sean1ucc doesn't want it.
  7. Got me excited with all this product development ideas flying around. Glad to have my name down for one!
  8. Welcome aboard! Start reading thru the threads and posts around here when you're interested in upgrading, there's a lot of info on basically everything! Good luck!
  9. It's just one man's opinion, streamed on YouTube, fluently.
  10. @CuprajakeMine is safe for now, although I am thinking of maybe selling to buy another coffee machine. Sold the Pavoni at the beggining of the week.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eureka-Zenith-65E-burr-coffee-grinder-in-black-UK-Plug-light-domestic-use/203255826742
  12. Sold mine for 140 on ebay in october. It was less than 6 months,like new condition. box , accessories and everything included.
  13. I think you still should post on ebay,just add 13%(10 ebay's commision, 3% paypal's ). There are people out there that are looking for Lelit's that don't know about this forum.
  14. Sold elsewhere. It can be closed. Thanks.
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