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  1. Thank you my friend, I have ordered them along side the IMS showerscreen.
  2. Also the circlip snapped while removing the showescreen to clean, this thread is now 143 pages long, do we have a place where we can order replacements or upgrades from the UK ? I remember seeing something a while ago someone playing with that! Thanks!
  3. Hey @rusty pie do you have a website link for the said portafilter gasket? Price and delivery time for UK ? Cheers!
  4. Manual for Zenith 65: https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf4/81/8093/809232-eureka/zenith_e.pdf?c539e82e4f7a6e266eee30229ca521e1 Manual for Olympus: https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf4/86/8505/850413-eureka/olympus_75.pdf?6e496b13ced5fa779a33bb827ee29dd9 From what I can tell, power for the motor on the Zenith was ~ 250w ,while the Olympus is between 300w-400w, depending of the particular variant. Where did you order the parts from to upgrade to 75mm ,and how much did it set you back. Cheers, Alin
  5. hysaf


    I think there's one with BellaBarista in the UK now. I remember seeing an Instagram story about it!
  6. Am I the only one that uses the pouring kettle to fill it up?
  7. I asked Paolo, and he confirmed this yes. I asked ACS thru email for purchasing a replacement Vesuvius wand to fix the issue, was initially quoted a price and accepted but got a further email from their team saying:"I have asked to the technician and unfortunately it’s complicated to place the Vesuvius steam wand, so we suggest you to place the Vostok steam wand."So if anyone is considering any of the higher arms( Minima or Vostok) on the right side, please keep in mind the interaction with the touchscreen and a burning steam wand.
  8. Had a ROK for a while, you would think there's nothing that you can do to it ,but I managed to brake 2 bayonet rings( the ones that the protafilter locks into) in the space of 2 months. Main reason was because I was grinding fine ,trying to get a proper espresso out of it, really my fault. They were kind and sent me replacements for free(at that time they didn`t have them for sale separately) even though my machine was 10 years old and bought second hand! Talk about standing behind your product!
  9. Here you go my mate, Ikea 45£ new. BEKVÄM birch, Kitchen trolley - IKEA I can`t do steam on the left, it bad juju for me Mine does the same when it warms up, dripps a bit, but after a flush of hot water that stops.
  10. The only thing that I can complain about it(or actually the side that I chose to place it) is that it`s kind of in the way of the touchscreen. Particularly bad if you just finished steaming and the wand is hot . How complicated would it be to install a regular vesuvius wand? would it be just a matter of untightening the bolts turning the assembly and installing the new one?
  11. For anyone who is wondering how it looks with the minima wand.
  12. I`m not going to remove any springs. The reason for buying was because it`s double spring as per a commercial setup. Huge advantage for me in having the dual boiler is that I keep the steam boiler off most of the time. My other half is the one that drinks the odd cappuccino on weekends and I can simply turn it on when I need it so I`m saving a lot of energy. I have started playing with temperature surfing and indeed, I notice a difference, it`s easy enough to adjust with the touchscreen next to you . The Evo Leva is one of the best purchase decisions that I made in awhile, after starting off a year ago with a La Pavoni. I look at it and still can`t believe it`s in my kitchen, I`m pulling shots of espresso, and in less than a year of the conception of it ! I`m working until 5pm everyday, downside to that is that I can't drink that many espresso`s in the evening Will post some pictures later in the week!! That's it for now, I have to run for a zoom meeting! The weekend is looking very caffeinated !!
  13. Will play around as soon as I get home in a couple of hours! Grinder wise I have an Eureka Zenith 65 HS ,I`ll give the burrs and the chamber a clean so I can start afresh and take it one step at the time. Fun times ahead!
  14. Thanks for asking Dave! Arrived yesterday afternoon, managed to set it up on the bench ,but didn`t have too much time to play with it! Had Border Patrol tape all over the case, they clearly opened it and had a wee look inside (curious bastards!) Pushed some liters of water thru the boilers to flush and pulled a couple of shots. The lever-group is very impressive ,looks absolutely gorgeous. Also the force required to pull it down suprised me, I had to tell my other half to be particularly careful with it so she doesn`t knock any teeth out! Quick questions: Could you describe what I need to do to adjust the preinfusion pressure( it`s at around 1bar now)? Also pulling shots I noticed that the pressure on the manometer was at 8 bar, does that mean I need to go finer with my grind to get more closer to 11bar ? Cheers, very excited for this afternoon after finishing work to play more with it!
  15. Looks mint mate! I have also gone for the Minima steam wand for the exact reason, just to have it higher. Had second thoughts about it but now I see it in your pictures looks good. Hoping it won`t be too long to get mine. Tracking of this morning says it`s still pending completion of customs inspection. 😠 10 days since it arrived in the country. Just my luck! At least its Fridaaaaay !
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