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  1. Hi, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! It's great but does have its quirks. Coffee collects between the two parts after a few tamps, but it takes a couple of seconds to brush out over the sink. As long as you tamp on a flat surface, hold down the base and push down in a straight line (not pushing the handle at an angle) it will be a perfect tamp, all the time. You can easily adjust the punch force but it comes calibrated. Just unscrew and turn the inner piece with a coin. I've kept it as is. I bought it from starmoonxp (instagram username), the creator. I think inc
  2. Lelit flow control looks very simple to use. It would be nice if they offered a black handle. It does seem simpler once installed / nice and linear. Not sure if it is worth so much more, I personally wouldn't pay that much extra for it especially not in black, but It seems like a great option for anyone with the wooden accessory kit.
  3. Since you have the wooden handle, wooden objects that I do not know on the left, and the niche it would match quite nicely. Visually that would be your best bet. I almost want to change the colour of the wood on my niche to black to match my mara x / tamper.
  4. You get the option of 2 handles, a fixed one and one that flips 180c. Also the colour scheme - it is black and metal. Matches the stock handles of the Mara X. I think it is slightly easier to install? You need a big adjustable spanner for the mushroom head - 350mm (maybe 360mm just to be safe).
  5. I followed the instructions so I changed the spring. It removes the Mara X pre infusion so I can control the ramp up. Currently I'm liking doing a really slow 20 second pre-infusion up to 4bars, and then taking it up to 8 bars over 10 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, and then slowly drop it down to finish the shot fully closed, ignoring the final timer, focusing on 1:2 ratio. Getting absolutely fantastic results!
  6. @Doram I installed it a few days ago. Still getting the hang of it but it has completely changed my espresso game..... I've been looking at whole latte love YouTube videos showing the different types of profiles. I love doing an extra slow ramp up and then tapering off at the end of, it has eliminated extra sourness and brightness from lighter roasts that I really disliked before. The sweet bump profile is night and day before you add milk. I love iced americanos so it makes a huge difference for me. I'd really recommend the coffee sensor flow control. Comes with 2 different han
  7. How long did you heat them for? It seems like removing the back cover was a better option than struggling with it on, easy to heat up the tubes too! I clearly didn't heat them well enough / should've wet the connectors too like Dave suggested.
  8. Where does it say this? Which pump? Which method of install did you go for, rerouting without any cutting of the plastic water tank? If so how did you find the connecting the pipes to the brass connectors (was it easy)? Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  9. 5 back to back double shots later (within 5m of each other) , just over 100ml in the drip tray. Stable pressure, stable temp Very happy!!!!! Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  10. I wouldn't say it is necessary, try it first by warming the tubes and check the sides of the case aren't sharp, if they are put a towel over them. I think the main reason why it took so long was because I had a tiny screwdriver, and because I didn't know to warm the tubes up prior, had I known this I don't see how it can take much longer than 1h, with the plastic connectors you linked, think it would be even faster, maybe 30m for a non-DIY person. They may be ever so slightly softer / give way a little more to help guide into the tubes. It's a great mod, just rerou
  11. The halford fittings that doram linked do state they are food safe, I really do think these would be easier to install!
  12. Hmm I did actually leave it soaking for 30 seconds now thinking about it, not sure why I found it so difficult. Maybe I was unlucky with a slightly tighter tube or larger brass connector! Hopefully nobody else has such a difficult time fitting the connectors!! Would be great if somebody took a similar video without the mod to show visually the difference. No, I will not undo this just for example purposes [emoji28] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  13. I actually think the halfords plastic one, or similar style linked above seem like the best option - https://www.halfords.com/tools/fuses-electricals-and-fixings/fixings/halfords-hose-connector-y-piece-6mm-hfx373-869180.html They seem less than 6mm at the edges, maybe 5.5mm which will make all the difference.
  14. *Typing carefully to ensure that the cuts on fingers do not open up and start bleeding again* Had the day off and I thought I may as well do this today, thought it would only take an hour... It took me just over 2 hours, this may be user error but I think there are some points which can be taken from my experience. Even though this is very straightforward, I do not think it is a quick mod! Thanks @Doramfor talking through it with me / the essential tip about soaking the tubes in water. Please note I have little DIY experience, I thought taking the tubes off / putting
  15. I would really try a better grinder for espresso and maybe dosing 16-17g max, 1:2 ratio. Are you using freshly roasted beans? Use them between 3-21 days of roasting ideally.... Are you weighing your shots? Can't use volume as it isn't accurate. If you haven't bought a cheap leveller to use before tamping give that a go, as well as wdt. With all of this + your gaggia classic w/pid I think it would be difficult to not product perfectly good espresso. If you want a more forgiving basket maybe try the ims competition 16/20 basket. Vst is not forgiving at all and may be one of the reasons why
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