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  1. Ah - thanks! What are people doing for a cleaning brush - just using a cheap toothbrush, or is there a better option?
  2. This is 3 or 4 min brews in clever dripper. Never tried an 8min steep - what's the logic for it not overextracting in FP?
  3. I was trying to turn the lid rather than the handle and it was too stiff... Coarsening the grind got more flavour out of the Kenyan beans I'm finding some new beans are brewing a bit sour, though. Deciding whether to try going finer or coarser... Problem is I only drink about 2 cups a day - so limited opportunity for experimentation!
  4. Grinder works Quicker than my Porlex and participle size seems more consistent. Grinding at 2.0 for Clever Dripper makes a nice smooth cup from some Hasbean Kenyan beans, but seems to lose some of the acidity. Any rule of thumb on whether to adjust finer or coarser to get more acidity out of the beans?
  5. Thanks. The zero (or 10!) point I took was when the underneath of the grinder looked flat when the burrs were closed. That's the correct way to do it?
  6. Seems to have loosened up a bit - turning handle counterclockwise did close the burrs (though this was at about 10 on the lid) and I've opened the burrs to about 1.8 now. Still awkward to adjust, but doable. Next step is putting some beans through, I guess...
  7. Thanks - yeah, tried turning both ways Hopefully MBK will get it sorted quickly, then
  8. Thanks - never had any beans in it (was adjusting before first use) so definitely shouldn't be any stuck in it! Turning the handle has much the same effect as turning the lid - will only turn maybe a third of a rotation. Anything else to try? I'm guessing this shouldn't need too much brute force to adjust?
  9. I've got a new Aergrind. I've tried adjusting the grind by rotating the lid, but haven't been able to do this - I can only turn the lid by maybe a third of a rotation. Visually, the burrs don't look that close together, so they're not caught on each other. Any suggestions, or is there a problem with my grinder? To give you an idea of what I did, I tried following the instructions here: https://youtu.be/g8DXDvPgkgQ
  10. Grinder arrived Any suggested settings to start on for clever dripper? Also, I've noticed people talk about putting beans through a grinder to season the burrs. Currently all I've got is some Kenyan beans that I'm really enjoying (1st world problems...) Worth buying a bag of cheap beans to put through it first, or should results be ok from the start?
  11. Did you see much benefit in the Feld47 over the Aergrind? Ordered the Aergrind, but now wondering whether I should save up for the Feld47 instead. Grinding for clever dripper, just 20g at a time... Thanks!
  12. Ended up getting the Aergrind - knock had some cosmetic seconds in stock... By the way, they've still got stock of Aergrind seconds for £99, if anyone else wants one delivered http://www.madebyknock.com/store/p52/Aergrind.html
  13. That's useful to know! Results from the two are similar?
  14. Looks like a Wilfa Svart Precision of MBK Feld47 Travel are similar money, the Aerspeed is a little cheaper. Looks like grind may be similar - so am I best just choosing based on ergonomics and look?
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