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  1. Wow, this is insane. Forum members promoting a range of roasters is now a bad thing? If the LSOL organizers were making a profit, I could understand someone having an objection. But this is a coffee forum and LSOL allows people to try a wide variety of roasters and then discuss the coffees. It's literally the exact kind of content forums need and thrive on.
  2. Well this is a bit rubbish. I can't be the only person who's talked about LSOL (and therefoe this forum) with other coffee lovers, growing people's awareness of this forum. Also I imagine the activity from the LSOL sign up and discussion thereafter is a significant part of this forums overall activity. If/when LSOL gets organised on another more sympathetic platform, please do get in touch. I've enjoyed being a part of this.
  3. All paid, looking forward to this, thanks again for sorting 👍
  4. Making videos with that level of polish requires time, effort and money. Of course he makes money off the channel, I doubt very much that any of us would put in the amount of work required to keep up a channel like that if there was no financial incentive. All too often people seem to think making (successful) YouTube videos is a lot easier than it actually is.
  5. Unless security isn't a concern, I'd imagine hand grinders are probably the best option. I can't imagine leaving even a somewhat valuable electric grinder in my staff room at work!
  6. Really enjoying these and star anise as a tasting note makes a lot of sense, I couldn't pick it out but definitely get where they're coming from.
  7. 1. NickDems 2. Sly 3. Fatboyslim 4. pottolom 5. ratty 6. Soniclife 7.Mark70 8.Rickv 9. Zeak 10. Moppy 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  8. I've tried it in the Chemex and really couldn't get any of those sweeter notes that I was managing with the Aeropress. Mind sharing your process? I'm going for 30g-500g with the Hoffman V60 method.
  9. Tried again this morning with a finer grind in the Aeropress, really enjoying this. Full on tropical flavours with a boozy side to it
  10. Wow, had my first (and second) cups of this today, absolutely love it. So much funk, reminds of the Thai Natural from Hasbean. Does have a savoury/saltiness that I'm not sure whether I like or not. But really enjoying my cups as a whole so far.
  11. Thanks for both your input. My workflow is: - ~20 minutes after machine turned on, flush group until light turns off. - Bring 18g, transfer to PF, leveller and tamp. - When brew light comes back on (and stays on consistently) flick the steam switch, wait 20s, turn steam off and hit brew button. - Aim for 40g out and see how long it takes. I'll try a longer ratio at the same grind setting today and see what happens. Essentially, I don't trust my palate to guide me to the best coffee in the most direct way but I do realise how stupid that sounds. Als
  12. I'm in a similar place, I go for 18g in and 40g out which I get in about 25-30s. I've tried heeding your advice MWJB and freeing myself from this way of thinking but I feel like I need to have some kind of guideline to experiment out from. My shots sometimes taste "good", but there's always a level of sourness that I don't always like. I really want to pull multiple shots back to back to compare immediately the difference that grind, ratio etc make but that's not so easy with the Classic when you have to wait atleast 5-10 minutes between each shot.
  13. Received, thanks for sorting. Smells amazing, looking forward to it but off to freezer it goes for now 😩
  14. Paid, thanks for sorting. My coffee habit is growing, may have to jump on the next 1kg regular subs...
  15. A brand new generic one off eBay is only £23 shipped. If you really want to shift yours, I'll offer £15 inc P&P but no worries if you'd rather just hold on to it.
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