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  1. What's your budget and whats your usage? Just espresso or multiple brew methods?
  2. As if this morning, yes. When I ordered it said that was the last available white one. I'm gonna be stepping up from a Delonghi KG79, I'm looking forward to it!
  3. Welp, just ordered the last white UK one. It's my first real coffee investment, feel slightly sick I've spent that kind of money :|
  4. I had considered the Kruve sieves but at that price I'd rather save the money to put towards a new grinder which I want to replace anyway. Keeping a keen eye on that For Sale section 👀
  5. Hey thanks for the tips! I'm using the James Hoffman V60 method (it's on YouTube) 30g coffee : 500g water. I've got a Delonghi KG79 grinder on a fairly coarse setting. Unfortunately that kicks out a lot of coffee dust as well as rice sized pieces so difficult to work with. Looking to upgrade to a Niche Zero (with dreams of eventually getting into espresso) in time. I'll try your method tomorrow at the same grind setting as I used today and report back 👍
  6. Recently got a Chemex and been messing around with it with Hoffman's V60 method. I'm very obviously not dialled in yet and can't quite match the coffee I was making with the Aeropress. The Chemex cups are much cleaner but also seem pretty empty/bland. I realise this could be a byproduct of the thicker papers. I've tried messing around with grind size but very difficult to make any definitive changes with super inconsistent grind size.
  7. Also interested in seeing other people's experiences with these. My current scale is quite laggy and it's a bit of a faff getting my phone out to time.
  8. Useful post, is there a guide somewhere on what to look out for when buying second hand coffee gear?
  9. Currently brewing with Aeropress and Chemex with the Delonghi KG79 grinder. Saving some money to put towards a Niche Zero, I plan on picking up a used espresso machine at some point and don't want to buy 2 grinders for different brew methods. Does anyone have any other grinder options for me to consider? Maybe a Eureka Mignon Perfetto?
  10. Been googling about various grinder options in the UK and came across this forum. Great to see such an active community of coffee maniacs 👍
  11. Nice write up, had been confused about HX written in other areas, good to know what it stands for
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