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  1. Best sub-£300 espresso capable grinder? Eureka Silenzio/facile? Any alternatives out there? still also considering the crono filtro plus some replacement burrs for espresso to reduce cost at the detriment to my ears… (no silent tech)
  2. @Ernie Wernie where did you buy from? I want a mignon for espresso with the 310 watt motor so was looking at the silenzio despite talking myself out of it multiple times. Would want to order what you have - pending figuring out this temperature issue. That doesn’t sound right but I don’t have a mignon. Yet…
  3. Yeah that’s my thinking. If I’m to take the burrs out anyway, what’s an extra £20 in order to have the newer motor. Might be pointless though and not needed… Can’t really justify the higher spec versions over the crono for my use either. No need for a timer (dial or screen) or for sound deadening material as I’m sure the crono is already quieter than my virtuoso. Will most definitely be getting a crono, though the wife will fight that… a “birthday present” may be on the cards for next month I think
  4. Sorry to hijack the post but what’s the reason for fitting the 65 watt pump after fitting a pid? I’ve just fitted a pid to my 2006 classic and now I’m worried…
  5. Would buying the filter version of the crono and buying the espresso burrs be the better buy than the older version? Main change is the motor from 260W to 310W. Worth the extra faff and cost for the newer motor?
  6. No worries. Here’s a video of it in use actually. No account needed to view. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CQHDH-rhcso/?hl=en
  7. I’ve just spoken to him on Instagram via messages and he plans to distribute them via Django coffee. I’ll keep my eye on his page and share the webpage here when it’s live. He’s just awaiting stock of the acupuncture needles. Django coffee link below and to a coffee of theirs that’s highly recommended: https://www.djangocoffeeco.com/collections/coffee-beans-online-order-coffee-online/products/uganda-ibanda I have no connection to Django or to the guy 3D printing the wdt tools. I’m just a big fan of the tool and saw this thread. It’s honestly a dream to use and doesn’t just drag the coffee around the basket like my previous tools. It’s almost like a massage for the coffee.
  8. Hey all, @ukespresso on Instagram is currently providing these with acupuncture needles for circa £10 posted to the coffee community. I picked one up and can say it is brilliant. A million times better than any homemade style tool. Tool pictured on the right next to two versions I’ve tried… it’s the one from a guy on thingiverse that shared it.
  9. Hey Shaun, thanks for this. That’s kind of what I thought. I think I’m pushing the virtuoso to it’s limits grinding for espresso. I’d agree that it’s pretty much the same as the encore but think the burrs are slightly different (not 100%). Might try grabbing one of the older crono before they go out of stock with the espresso burrs and only have the new brew version around. Ta!
  10. Slightly off topic but didn’t want to raise another thread for a quick question… Reckon I would see an improvement going to one of the older 2020 cronos? For espresso. Moving from a Baratza virtuoso. The step adjustment on the virtuoso is a little rough and more ballpark than exact when dialling in. I like to single dose as well though which I know the mignon is not made for… Any opinions that save or spend my money are welcome
  11. I’m just a big fan of tinkering for no reason...
  12. @The Systemic Kid thanks for that! I was partly hoping you’d say that as I fear they could well shear on removal anyway. Nothing noticeable in temperature but wasn’t sure if that’s just because I haven’t seen them at peak performance... haha. I’ll leave them be! Thanks!
  13. So nothings wrong with my Classic (that I know of...). But I was wondering if thermostats should be changed once in a while? The ones in mine I believe are the original from 2006. Do thermostats drift (low or high)? And I’m not quite ready to splash out on a PID kit... Apologies if this has been asked before, I did try to search for the topic.
  14. And sorry that was such a long post...
  15. Hi @A_moose, Baratza virtuoso owner here. Both are pretty much the same I believe. not only can you adjust the collar on the adjustment ring, you can calibrate the height of the centre burr. This is normally done at factory but if someone has carried out a gearbox repair or even the gearbox 2.0 update then they may have altered the height of the centre burr by accident. Or even on purpose to achieve a coarser grind. I emailed Baratza about this and they gave the following info regarding washers either side of the gear and gearbox housing (shimming), to either raise or lower the centre burr. They said to go to https://baratza.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/GB2.0-Installation-v1.2.pdf and review the final page for shimming guide. It doesn’t mention the encore but I guess it would be the same as the virtuoso. If yours wasn’t set right, it could either be too high or too low. In this case it sounds like it’s too low. They told me this as well after I’d calibrated the shims and noticed a strange noise when no coffee was present: “That noise you are hearing at the sub-10 settings is burr to burr contact. This is totally normal on our conical grinders. We calibrate the grinders at the factory to have a touch time between setting 8 and 12. When grinding coffee, the coffee acts as a spacer so the burrs so not touch when coffee is being ground. No damage will be done to the burrs due to this touch time as long as the grinder is not run excessively at the sub-12 settings when there is not coffee in the grinder.” I’m currently pulling an espresso in 25 seconds from a grind at setting 10/11. So it should definitely be possible. I’d review the instructions and if you’re comfortable doing it, check inside the gearbox. But please don’t do it if you aren’t confident, there are plastic threads that are easily cracked or damaged. I take no liability for any damages you may experience - sorry I have to say that... could you tell me about this 80 step adjustment mod? I’d love to read up on that!
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