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  1. So you’re leaving the burner on for about 30-45 seconds after FC to avoid the ROR crash?
  2. Thanks @Dartmoor Coffee Hope it tasted as good as the graph looks!
  3. Can anyone using the power mod share examples of your airflow settings?
  4. Thanks Dave, Ive tried drawing more air through the roaster and managed to avoid the burning in the tray. Will experiment with different airflow settings and make sure its enough. Not sure why it happened all of sudden or if it had something to do with the excess grease on the front bearing. Seem to have it under control today anyway. Cheers!
  5. Cheers Dave 👍 I double checked the fan and seems to be pulling air well enough, although can’t see any balancing weight of the sorts on the cage section of the fan 🤔
  6. Here is the fan, looks a little out of balance - https://filebin.net/yinrmyksys3e7b2w
  7. used it for 7 months and done about 300+ roasts. 1kg of green each roast. always used the same airflow settings & never had a problem until now.t will check the capacitor tomorrow. I’ve cleaned the fan a few times. Removed twice, brushed and hoovered. Also cleaned vent ducting couple of times. recently greased rear and front bearings. I put a little too much grease on the front bearing as some was leaking out (dark patch underneath front bearing cover). So removed the front cover and cleaned all the area (including inside the drum where the shaft goes through the front p
  8. I’ll have to try this out. I have a problem recently at the end of each roast, I’m getting smoking chaff in the tray which burns all the other chaff in the tray. All I know is that it is happening at the end of the roast, because the chaff at the top is black and the chaff underneath is light brown and not burnt at all. Have no idea why it’s happening all of a sudden 🤔 One thing i noticed when cleaning the fan is that there is no balancing weight on the fan blades, and it does have a slight oscillation, so not sure if that is normal.
  9. Interesting, thanks. I’ll definitely do that from now on. I sometimes get chaff swirling around after dumping the beans. Have to play around a bit before they either get sucked out (SD) or tumble out the front hatch. Wonder if that has something do with it also.
  10. Open to 5cm. Was thinking to open CD fully from now on, and continue with the above SD changes...in order to have just the minimum necessary airflow through the drum.
  11. So I ordered the bits mentioned previously which I will use because they are threaded and will be very secure. BUT I also managed to get a nice snug fit only using the thermocouple compression adapter from RS, which fits very snug into the stock nut in front plate anyway (pictured). RS Thermocouple fitting
  12. Just using airflow at a minimum for steam, smoke and chaff removal. SD1 @ 2-3 mins. Then SD2 @ 6mins. need to review if the SD2 is necessary though. Not sure how using purely airflow for temperature control affects the flavour. I installed the dimmer mod and probes (artisan) at the same time so moved straight on to using the dimmer as its most similar to gas roasting. Scott Rao Instagram post
  13. Here’s the video - https://youtu.be/g7em4dB0Uxg
  14. Much appreciated Dave 👍 No squeaking noises now anyway 😅
  15. Just greased the bearings after 6 months of use after hearing some squeaking noises from the roaster. Both front and rear were bone dry. As DaveC mentions in the video - trust nobody and highly recommend checking even if you’re roaster is new. Pumped grease into the rear bearing and no old grease came out. Similarly the front bearing was bone dry! Sounds fine now & hopefully no damage was done! Thanks @DavecUK for the video! 🙏
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