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  1. This has been sold to @JA92
  2. @JA92 pm please
  3. Hi I am offering my lightly used normcore spring-loaded tamper. I have bought this tamper last month 19th of March and I have use it couple of times. the tamper is spring-loaded which mean it deliver constant pressure every time. It comes with three springs each has been calibrated at different load so one with 30lb, second with 25lb and the third with 15lb. it says in the description the lifetime of each spring is 20K tamps. the tamper is in black color, heavy , has a stand cover and it has very good finishing. As I mentioned in the title the size is 58.5 mm and I am asking for £25
  4. Hi I was using decent portafilter stand with my Niche grinder but recently I have bought a pesado protafilter and unfortunately it doesn’t set on decent stand. Just wonder if someone has come a cross a stand that's work with pesado and Niche
  5. thanks for all the info , very interested in this machine
  6. mine was slightly above 10 bar before I have adjusted to 9 bar, you can readjust the pump pressure from the screw underneath the machine but if you are not sure on how to do it, it is better to ask the dealer. thanks for sharing this
  7. I see , mine is still new and it could be as Dave said a newer version may have a different points for pressure measurement. I really appreciate your comment it is always good to know other user experience
  8. Interesting Sorry but for how longe you own it?
  9. Thanks to all your replies it helps a lot i am attaching ecm reply witch was very much similar to yours
  10. @DavecUK thank you very much that was really helpful. I might not really fully understand the technical explanation but I got the point of the gicleur size and the process of filling preinfusion chamber. In addition I wrote to ECM technical support and I will share their views once I received it.
  11. Here is a video with blind filter, I have done back flush several time but the pressure still stays at 6 bar initially before it moves to 9 bar. https://youtube.com/shorts/fG6x8Qncs4c Without using the portafilter, the pressure remains at 6 bar
  12. https://youtube.com/shorts/sN__x4zPI8o here is a video explaining the issue
  13. Thanks, I am working on it soon I will upload a video
  14. Hi guys I have an ecm synchronika bought it a week a go and I have noticed that when I pull up the lever to brew my espresso the pressure stays at 6 bar for some time then it proceed to 9 bar. I have emailed BB in this regards and they told me this is normal with ecm synchronika but It doesn’t convince me at all so thought of writing to you since you guys are using same machine.
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