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  1. I bought an EU Pavoni last year and bought a complete new cable with UK plug instead to swap over just so the end of the plug is still completely sealed. Found a seller on eBay for less than a tenner posted and the job was pretty straight forward!
  2. @KTD it does look lovely, especially with those handles! Here's the pre-millennium I managed to get hold of in the end. Currently on the way from Germany and first job will be swap to a UK plug! Definitely not as much of a looker compared to the Stradivari... I'm sure I'll regret my purchase decision at some point!
  3. I came across the same link through Youtube after watching a coffee related video and then an 'advert' which was the original Niche promo video played with the scam site linked at the bottom... And it's played multiple times since. Crazy how some of the stuff gets through filters!
  4. @Valkyrie88 if you're heading that way this afternoon, any pictures and details would be much appreciated!
  5. @MartinB just spotted that! Looks like in good condition aside from the cracked boiler cap. Will send them a message and see if I can get some more info and pictures as it's not too far down the road. @Valkyrie88From reading up on the differences, I don't think I'm particularly fussed about getting pre or post I don't think, as long as it's in good condition. Are the main differences between pre and post the size of the group and the material of the piston? Also planning to see KTDs Stradivari 16 in the next few days and leaning towards this as it looks in great condition.
  6. Hi all, A long time lever fan looking to get my first machine now I have a bit more kitchen space. I'm looking to spend around £450 on a good condition machine with a UK plug to get going on learning how to pull an espresso shot manually. I've had a chat with CoffeeChap who's also keeping an eye out but thought I would post up on here to see if anyone is considering selling theirs or knows of anyone else considering selling. Thanks in advance! Jamie.
  7. Ordered mine today after being on the fence about getting one of these or saving a bit of cash and going for a Mignon Specialita. Looking forward to it arriving! Can anybody advise if the latest batches released by Niche come with the flow disc fitted to stop popcorning or is that something to request later?
  8. I'm new to the forum, currently doing some research into buying my first lever machine and came across this thread and thought I can contribute! I've been having a go at baking sourdough fairly regularly since around July last year with the aim of getting a good crumb and ear. I'm currently mid move so my starter 'Clint Yeastwood' is not getting much love at the moment and needs some regular feeds to revive again. I'm in an AirBnB for now that has an oven that tops out at 220'C and I put my baking stone and cast iron pot into storage.. think I'll have a go at baking one here anyway
  9. Thanks for the advice all! Had a good chat with @coffeechap for some extra info and will get a request up on the wanted section once I have five posts. Thanks!
  10. Hi Rumpelstiltskin, Thanks for the recommendation! I would love a Londonium but think I'm a few £££ short on the budget 😄 What makes them superior to other machines on the market just out of interest?
  11. Hi there Coffee Forums, I'm a lurker on the forum after a lot of googling about lever espresso machines brought me here or to Home Barista! I've been wanting to get a lever espresso machine for a long time but haven't had the kitchen space to really justify it but with a house move imminent, I'd like to claim some worktop space with a lever machine and grinder before it gets taken by anything else. As a result, I thought now would be a good time to register to have a proper read through the guides and FAQs but also put some feelers out for anyone who is wanting to sell a La Pavoni Profess
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