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  1. Thanks for all the advice and tips so far, it’s been extremely helpful! Might drop the CBD option for now And in reply to Mark regarding loans, I’m waiting for a call/email back from the princes trust with more information on what start up loans are available for young people
  2. Hi and thanks for the reply! Funny enough that's an espresso machine that I've seen pop up quite a bit while doing my research, so it must be a popular choice. Added to my shortlist! Thanks for the info on fairtrade beans, that's interesting, and I'll take that into consideration when evaluating costs. Personally I use CBD oil, and it's been great for me, although I understand when selling it you can't advertise it as something that will have medical benefits. My idea was to just have it as an option to add to the coffee, which is similar to what some coffee shops in Cardiff are
  3. Hi there, new to the forum! Exploring the possibility of starting up a coffee van business. Currently in the process of writing up a business plan. Recently lost my job as a telecom engineer in which I had been working there for just over 6 years due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Having trouble finding work as a result, and therefore decided to pursue different avenues of income that might be available, and stumbled upon the idea of setting up my own coffee business. Not interested in investing in a franchise, feel it would limit my creativity, and the contract lengths seem pret
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