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  1. Yes, it's a Professional and £200 is a bargain! Can I be next in line, in the unlikely event that @Nopapercup changes his mind? I'd be more than happy to collect.
  2. So the next job was to unscrew the brass sleeve. Which was where I hit the first snag... Officially you're supposed to use a special tool which slots into 2 holes in the sleeve. The holes on mine were completely untouched - along with the state of the rubber gasket, I'm pretty certain this is the first time it's ever been apart. In true bodge-it fashion, I managed to fashion my own tool out of 2 drill bits clamped between 2 pieces of wood. It worked surprisingly well and I managed to get plenty of torque on it, but unfortunately the sleeve is stuck solid. I've read some horror s
  3. That would be awesome, thanks Jim. Please add me to the the list!
  4. So while I'm waiting for a new seal kit, I thought I'd start with the strip down. The portafilter gasket eventually came out after a lot of persuasion. The rubber was hard as rock and started to crumble as I removed it, so there's no way I'll be reusing it. The pre-1974 models have a thicker gasket with a 7mm x 5mm square cross-section, which isn't available any more. So I'll need to use the 5mm x 5mm from the post 1974 model, along with a 2mm spacer: https://www.espressocare.com/products/item/la-pavoni-lever-machine-grouphead-spacer-for-old-style
  5. Thanks everyone, I've already emailed Francesco and he's able to supply the seals and the badge. The only problem is he's away at the moment so he can't post them right now. Looks like I'll just have to be patient... I saw the rubber bases on eBay but unfortunately they're nothing like the originals, they're basically just a length of silicone weatherstrip. They'd do the job, but I'm hoping to keep everything as original as possible. I see @jimbojohn55 has actually managed to cast his own rubber base, so that may be an option to investigate.
  6. I've been keeping an eye out for a vintage Europiccola, and finally managed to get my hands on a completely original 1963 model (v1.3 according to Francesco's site). I've given it a good check over, and considering it's nearly 60 years old it's in really good condition. The chrome is almost perfect, and while the base has a few dings, the paint is still original. Personally I value originality and patina above anything else so I'm not planning to repaint it, I'll just give everything a good clean. Of course there are a couple of jobs that need doing: It needs a set of seals, si
  7. Thanks for the welcome! I don't often venture into the middle of Guildford, so I haven't been to Canopy. I'll put it on my list for the next time I'm passing. Redber is just down the road from me, so they're my go-to place for coffee beans. Definitely recommended if you're ever in the area.
  8. Hi everyone, After using my trusty Bialetti for years, I've finally decided to take the plunge into "proper" coffee. I already have a Zappio Paradiso electric moka pot dating from the 1950's, so I've been looking out for a vintage espresso machine to complement it. After lots of lurking on this forum (and some great advice from @coffeechap), I'm now the proud new owner of a 1963 La Pavoni Europiccola. It's in pretty good condition but needs a strip down and new seals, so I'll probably be asking lots of questions in the lever forum soon. It looks like a great community here, so I
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