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  1. Hi Mike P&P depends on weight/dimesions, it cost me around £20 to get it there, insured. The total cost was £160, including the new wood), as the machines are in the region of £1400 new, I was very happy with the price. You would really have to contact Peter to get a specific quote for any machine that you are sending him. Contact him, he's very, very helpful and knowledgable.
  2. Beautiful machine, hope you have years of beautiful coffee making experiences with her ;-)
  3. Hi all I am selling the Euro 2000 Junior E61 machine. It has just had a new pump (ulka), new element and a descale, I also had the case re-powder coated in 'flat-black'. I can supply images on request (there are a few pics on my profile page). I am looking for £300 ovno. The machine is very similar to the ECM Giotto or other E61 machines which are in the region of £800 - £1000 new, so a considerable saving. It has a 3ltr tank, 2ltr boiler, hot water and steam wands and the E61 group head. It comes with 1 pf handle with an 18g basket and single spout. I'll be sorry to see her go, but now that I have the Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica up & running, I can't justify having both machines. It can be couriered to anywhere in the UK (mainland) for £20 via 'Yodel' (which includes insurance up to £300). There was a first-look/review of the machine here: http://coffeegeek.com/proreviews/firstlook/juniordeluxe
  4. 7tenths

    PF Gauge

    Excellent idea compared to the off the shelf variants costing silly money.
  5. Just had the Elektra refurbished by Peter Bradley of Avicenna Solutions, the wood accoutrements were made by one of his contacts.....I guess I will now be selling the Euro 2000 Junior E61 machine... Images L-R; MSJ, Elektra MCSA, Euro 2000 Junior; close-up of the Elektra; walnut handled naked PF; walnut steam handle.
  6. 7tenths

    Refurbished Elektra NEW Wood

    Recent 'snaps' of the refurbished Elektra, the work was carried out by Peter Bradley of Avicenna Solutions.
  7. First 'prototype' is too long and interferes with the PF holder (difficult to get PF under without removing PF holder from the grinder) Mk2 will be shorter and will/may necessitate a back-plate to cover the motor. Will keep those interested informed via this thread.
  8. Have you tried this guy, although you DO sound like you know what you are doing: http://www.spanglefish.com/avicennassolution/index.asp?pageid=240390 He has just service/repaired my old Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica (which is fitted with standard Elektra commercial parts, group head, PF etc etc). Other than that....if you ARE going to throw it in the skip......how much would you want for it ?
  9. Just wanted to share my thoughts about 'Avicenna Solutions' aka Peter Bradley. I found his site quite by accident while 'googling' and after a few email exchanges I decided to pack the Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica off to him for a complete overhaul, something I attempted 9 years ago at least and gave up on. So after the machine had been sitting here for the best part of a decade, off it went to 'Avicenna Solutions'. I am about to get the machine back and just wanted to share the photos that Peter has just sent me. The only things I am waiting for are a walnut handle for the PF and a matching 'mini' PF handle shaped steam knob (much nicer looking than the original). To anyone needing an overhaul on their machine I can highly recommend him, especially if you are like me and find the task a little too daunting (I'm ok with fiddling with my E61 group E2K machine, but the Elektra is a bit of a beast). It also needed a new element and fitting one to these machines is a complete PITA, so I figured a complete overhaul with new wooden 'bling' was the way to go. I can't wait to get 'her' back.....I think the E61 Euro 2000 Junior might be up for sale real soon http://www.spanglefish.com/avicennassolution/index.asp?pageid=262866 The last 2 images show the wood PF handle and the matching steam knob (much nicer than the plastic/bakerlite originals). It's all wrapped up and should be on its way back to me soon
  10. 7tenths

    The Elektra

    Just about to get the Elektra Microcasa Semiautomiatica back from Avicenna Solutions (aka Peter Bradley). I am very impressed with the level of work and attention to detail that Peter gave the machine. I can highly recommend him for any home machine (although he has a thing for lever machines).
  11. @ Fatboyslim, he he he, I'll get a price before I pull the trigger and the prototype is hopefully what I am going to see this evening Seems like a reasonable amount of interest, so I'll start 'low' (without being insulting) and see where we end up
  12. I'm seeing the guy that is making them tomorrow, so will have more of an idea then (he has been unable to work due to straining his back). WIll post an update as soon as ;-) The idea is that the back of the funnel 'fits' the exposed gap left by the doser-hopper.
  13. The machine is/was known as the 'Junior Deluxe', the makers being Euro2000 (not that I can find them on the web anymore). There was a write-up at coffee geek some years ago which was around the time I bought mine. I don't have the rather naff badge attached to the stainless steel front of mine (thank goodness), also a few other minor differences. When I get the Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica back from Avicenna's Solutions (full service and replacement parts overhaul), I'll probably put the E2K up for sale, as I certainly won't be needing two machines ;-) http://coffeegeek.com/proreviews/firstlook/juniordeluxe/details
  14. De-clumping would indeed be a wire mesh. I must admit that it does make more sense to me to have it at the base of the funnel. I will be experimenting with various positions and propose a location after testing (should be done within a week).
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