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  1. I got one of these recently and it does the job well - magnetic and doesn’t interfere with coffee in pf. Took nearly 4 weeks to show up though.... https://www.baristaspace.com/collections/coffee-espresso-dosing-funnels/products/baristaspace-espresso-coffee-funnel-for-58mm-portafilter
  2. How long should I take to steam approx 130ml of milk straight out of the fridge? It’s taking me about 60 seconds which seems a little on the long side? I’m in brew priority mode. Pressure kicks up to 1.5 bar pretty reliably after pulling a shot (takes about 60sec to jump up). Start steaming and it holds at about 1.2 bar for the duration. From what I can tell this sounds about right but I’m a little surprised at the steam power - I would have said that the power on my old Sage Barista Pro was better than this. Previously the milk would practically be jumping out of the pitcher once I
  3. 🤦‍♂️ Heres to hoping the Irish branch is better... I exchanged a few emails and had a phone call with them before ordering and I actually remember thinking that they were prompt and pretty decent to deal with... Hopefully I’ll be able report back with some good news
  4. I've order from here - Lelit Mara PL62SX | Caffè Italia (coffeeitalia.ie). They're based in Dublin and have a service centre in ParkWest And now the wait begins...
  5. Thanks everyone for the quick responses - decision made, will be calling the dealer this afternoon! I’m based in Dublin to BB not the best option for me but this place seems decent and has a local service center. Thanks again everyone Yes, it was itguy’s comment here -
  6. Hi All - I’m giving very serious consideration to upgrading to the MaraX. After reading DavecUK’s review & the home barista review I had pretty much made up my mind however after reading both of the MaraX mega-threads here and on H-B I’m a little less sure. There seems to be lots of people reporting problems with various sensors etc. A scroll through the first page of the Lelit forum here throws up 6 separate threads will MaraX issues. I fully appreciate that people will generally only go to a forum if they’re having problems so that will skewer perception but I was wondering if this
  7. Thanks for this CocoLoco - doing one full grind and some WDT really seems to have helped with the consistency! I’m finding that distribution seems to make a huge difference
  8. Hi All Long time lurker, first time poster. I’m having trouble with my sage barista pro, it is wildly inconsistent from shot to shot. My routine is to do a quick purge of overnight beans from the grinder. Then I pull 3/4 blind shots to heat everything up. Dosing 18g of fresh high quality beans (no more than 3 weeks old from 3fe) into the dried and heated portafilter. I’m using a palm distribution tool to keep distribution consistent (I also stop mid grind to give the portafiler a quick shake to help settle the grind). Most of the time the first shot pulls fine (about 27secs
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