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  1. Coffee bon bon with the condensed milk and espresso on top , to die for
  2. Have you checked the temps ? i would say half an hour tops
  3. Haha its the wooden lid of one of the tea/coffee/sugar caddies from the kitchen 😅 just to keep a bit of weight on the beans
  4. That was just something i put together at work while i found something more suitable , was struggling to find anything i liked but @Catlady101 showed me this so i bought one : Slate 2 tier stand absolutely fits the bill ☺️
  5. @DavecUK This can be moved to sold please , Thank you
  6. Welcome to the forum mate , lots of friendly advice to be had here , and plenty help when you take the plunge.
  7. Ok mate , sounds fair , we can move this to PM
  8. If im honest , i never noticed a difference . and thats between the Zenith , Niche and Specialita , but that may just be me not being as finely tuned to coffee as more experienced drinkers. My nose has had more hits than The Beatles over the years so i dont have a great sense of smell , which in turn is connected to taste. I do chop and change beans a bit so the niche is easier in that regard and weigh everything also Never tried to single dose with the Specialita
  9. No it was purchased elsewhere , 19th december. But have since had confirmation from the company , it IS transferable , serial number of machine just needs to be quoted.
  10. well its going to still have the manufacturers warranty ?? Not really sure how it works
  11. Specialita for sale ,white just 4 weeks old , about half a kilo of beans through it , cant justify keeping this just for pour overs. UK Plug £300 posted
  12. i cut carbs out completely for a week when diagnosed , lost a stone but my near eyesight went , i wasnt able to read my phone or that . think i had maybe went from too high to too low blood sugar. Im on the metformin , but i really need to get out of the mindset , as i think if i take them i can still eat what i want , but i know its wrong. Nightmare
  13. Type 2 aswell but dont let that stop me putting sugar in
  14. It could be a type of pre-infusion , but i would think 6bar is slightly strong for pre-infusion , i may be wrong though
  15. I just tried mine there and mine went round to 9 bars , it never stopped at 6 bar
  16. will definitely try them again , dont worry ☺️ As low as that ? i may have a dose or two left so ill try it on 90 degrees and see
  17. I was a bit disappointed with my bag to be honest , its just about finished but never really tasted any chocolate , in a milk based drink , what was your ratio and time ? i was dosing in 18.5 and out was about 40g , in 30 seconds at 94 degress , but found it kind of bland. Had heard good things too.
  18. Interesting that , as its a longer ratio , but on the shorter side timewise , as i always thought of the Costa coffee as quite bitter/burnt , which me had me thinking it wa an over extracted taste.
  19. Not that many probably about 300 ish. Probably average about 30 to 40 parcels per block of 3.5 hrs , but sometimes can be less , or more. More usually means theres a few in each street so your done in no time , where as less they will be more spaced out so more miles between. Even after taking fuel off, tax etc its still easy money. Quite enjoy it to be honest , see some sights ! Delivered a couple boxes to a guy a few days ago and the procedure just now due to Covid is to place parcel on doorstep , knock and take a couple steps back , so i put the parcel down and knock as im walki
  20. Oh yes now we are talking , that slate stand is lovely ! That looks ideal , going to get the dimensions and measure it up against the countertop in the morning . Thanks for that ☺️☺️
  21. Oh god so they are , i thought it was just the shade on the box , same box apart from a different shade of paper. I think theres a shortage of paper for these due to all the covid masks 😂
  22. Im afraid thats untrue regarding Amazon unfortunately , as i do a bit of work for them in my spare time , and we are paid per block not per parcel , and the full time van drivers are paid per day. I can earn between £800-£1000+ per month and this is on top of my actual full time job for local Council , ive actually earned £510 in one week from them so i would say they are amongst the best paid. However the van drivers are a different breed and i can understand their frustrations , as you really want to get rid of your parcels , as the quicker you get finished the quicker you get ho
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