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  1. Fantastic 😃 Thanks for the in depth response. Definitely a few things to look into there, I'll be trying to sort out the boiler insulation over the weekend (the tech left the boilers bare) and will be checking for any leaks whilst I'm in there. Everything continues to work well at the moment but I haven't looked inside for a week or so.
  2. You're not wrong! It's had a spruce up when he put it back together and he said it was surprisingly scale free for this area. That being said there's probably still an issue somewhere. I'm going to have a little nose around tomorrow but I'm under no illusions regarding my skill levels 😁 I'm definitely leaning towards option 2 at the moment.
  3. Well that's all a bit odd. Picked up the machine today after he put it back together and it seems to be working fine at the moment. Brew pressure is a little low (8 bar) but it hits that straight away. I'll see if the problem reappears when it's been on a while but it seems the tech has inadvertently fixed it!😁
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to get him to put it back together as is and then get it back off him. I don't see the point in paying for a new steam boiler as it didn't have a steaming problem when it went to him and I can't see how it will fix a pump pressure problem. Might have a little tinker myself when I get it back 🤔
  5. So he's now saying that he doesn't know if a new boiler will fix the problem but as both boilers are linked one could affect the other? Oh, and he's also said the size of corrosion patches are why he thinks the boiler is leaking and not a joint or pipe.
  6. So here's some pics of the steam boiler he wants to replace. Not sure how this would repair the brew pressure issue but if the inside of the pipes looks like the outside of the tank then probably explains a lot. An osmio zero reverse osmosis kit and a Lelit Bianca are looking very good right now 😁
  7. I'll give the tech a ring this afternoon to find out what's happening and get him to send me some pictures of the issue.
  8. Am still waiting to hear what he has to say. Definitely thinking he he might be taking me for a ride now though 🤔
  9. I did think the same thing myself. Especially as it was a brew issue not a steam issue but then thought he may not have seen it because of the insulation or am I being a bit naive here? 🤔
  10. 🤣🤣 Just googled it. This could be an expensive couple of months!
  11. Hahaha, the coffee setup is about the only thing I never succumbed to upgraditus to in the house 😁. It just worked perfectly for what I wanted so I never thought about a new one. Thanks for the link I'll have a look. Grinder wise I think I'm ok as I have a macap mx which is probably overkill for my needs but I got a bargain on ebay
  12. Thanks, that's sort of the conclusion I've unhappily drawn to as well. I only used filtered water (a scale reducing filter allegedly not brita) and descaled regularly with citric acid but our water is incredibly hard here. Lesson learnt the expensive way 😕 Looking at BB it seems they aren't doing Izzo any more. What would be a good replacement machine? Sage dual boiler, Lelit, Profitec (who I believe were LCM) or a Crem one (Expobar?). I'm a bit out of the loop! Btw what is profiling and all this needle valve stuff. I've got 10 years of catching up to do 😁
  13. Had my Duetto ii for 10 years with no major problems apart from changing the opv a few years ago. Recently it started struggling to pull a shot (not reaching pressure). Took it to a local tech who replaced the pump, safety valve and anti vac valve. He also serviced the hot water valve and level probe. Got it home and it had an issue straight away. Really low pressure at the start of the shot before kicking in properly. The next day it was worse. I have it on an automatic timer to be warmed up when I use it in the morning. Tried to use it and no water came out at all. Switched it off an
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