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  1. Yeah I tried a few bags, really good - bought it from the wine shop in Shrewsbury Market.
  2. hjribeiro

    Iberital MC2

    I'll take it. Think it will be a good entry-level grinder. 75£ posted?
  3. I'm looking for a grinder to brew one espresso at a time, do you think this would do? Or do I need to mod it?
  4. Hi I'd take it from you at 250. Could collect it as I live in Shropshire. Regards
  5. I'll offer asking price and I'll collect it. I live in Shropshire so happy to collect in person. Believe we could do this "socially distanced", meet in a park somewhere? Don't mind waiting a few weeks if not.
  6. I'd like to join the Queue too. Only thing that makes me think twice is the colour, but it's the same colour as my nespresso machine anyway.
  7. I am not allowed to reply to a on-sale post, guess it's because I don't have enough activity?
  8. It's just sad that I didn't buy the niche instead of my wilfa svart. At that time I thought coffee shops would be open soon and more hours, so no need for espresso at home I'll definitely look out for used Mazzer though, I have plenty of space on my counter, so I might be able to disguise it.
  9. Actually it was this video that made me want to buy a espresso machine. I had the idea that it would be very difficult to get good espresso at home for under 1000£. I think a new machine will be easier to fly past my girlfriend, will look neater in the counter, and possibly I could use my wilfa svart with the pressurised filter in the meantime while I wait for a good deal on the grinder... I think I would rather wait and save for a near endgame grinder though, I thought Niche zero, those guys have massive hype, and it could even replace my wilfa. Thanks for the tips!
  10. Those are the ones I'm thinking about, but I have 2 main questions: Do I want to buy used or new? And what about a grinder? My Wilfa Svart won't grind fine enough for espresso, and all the grinders I see are more expensive than the machine itself..
  11. I'm thinking about getting one of these to pair with a Gaggia classic. Anyone has this pair and would like to share the experience?
  12. I'm near Telford in a small village, any other Salopians here?
  13. Hello All My name is Helder and I am from near Shropshire, West mids. I am looking for tips/tricks guides and suggestion on home espresso. I have been making mostly filter coffee at home, but being in lockdown for months I decided that I've probably saved enough money in espressos to upgrade from my nespresso machine. Looking forward to chat with the people here! Helder
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