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  1. Hi there, this is my first detailed post and review on here. I was surprised to find little in the way of reviews for this machine, and the ones that I did find often didn't cover some of the points that I wanted to know as a prospective owner. First of all, my machine is a Dec 2020 model that I received last week second hand. It has only been used a handful of times, which was evident when I received it in near new condition. I know integrated machines tend to get bashed a bit on here, and I understand why. I was a barista for a few years, and I've been a hobbyist for around 3 years
  2. @Galileo I'll work out postage now and message you with the price, sending with royal mail should be fine.
  3. @Galileo I will have a look at postage costs a bit later and get back to you. Conveniently my new machine just arrived and the box might just be big enough.
  4. *Reduces to £460* This will be the last price revision, if it doesn't sell I'll be listing it elsewhere or possibly keeping it.
  5. Hi @MrBenn I've got a Bezzera BZ02 in the for sale section at the moment, it's not the smallest machine, but it's well built and reliable.
  6. I'd rather sell them together so I'll have to say no. The grinder is pretty big and heavy so it'd be awkward to post, and I've put the pair up for a very reasonable amount. Cheers.
  7. *Reduced to £500 for quick sale*
  8. Hi mate, I replied to your other post that was similar to this one. I have a Brasilia BZ02 that I might be willing to sell separately to the grinder I've listed it with on the for sale section. Feel free to message.
  9. A little video of my workflow with the grinder and machine for anyone who may be interested in them.
  10. As stated in the title I'm after a Lelit Kate or Anita as a downgrade to my current set-up as I need to reclaim some counter space! Ideally with PID. I'm based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, but willing to travel a bit.
  11. Hi, I have a Bezzera BZ02 for sale at the moment on the forum. It's not an e61, but it's a fantastic HX machine and built like a tank! I'm selling it with a Brasilia RR55 grinder too.
  12. Forgot to mention this is located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire!
  13. Selling my Bezzera BZ02 HX machine with a Brasilia RR55 on demand grinder. They're a great combination and well suited together. The Bezzera is from 2003, I've owned it for around 10 months now and it has been superbly reliable, making 2-3 espresso most days in that time. I make quite a lot of milk based drinks as well and this machine has some serious steaming power and does take some practice to get used to. Back flushed with puly caff on a weekly basis, and descaled 3 times in the time I've owned it. Cosmetically it's good too, no cracked or chipped plastic, just some scratches on
  14. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/819262192014524/?ref=facebook_story_share Gaggia Classic & MDF for £80... Great deal for anyone around Leicester or anyone who's willing to drive!
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