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  1. I like how your signature says "I know nothing 😜"
  2. Looks absolutely stunning! Get it on GCN if you haven't already!!! don't forget to biggie smalls and line up the valve caps!
  3. Welcome from Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  4. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Welcome to the forum, I live in Edinburgh but am from Inverness. Would like to see a photo of your bean cellar, I am intreagued!
  5. Thank you for more good tips, I ran through and loosened the PF immediately when I read your reply! So far the steam wand hasn't dripped, but I've not loosened the tip yet, do you have any steam wand cleaning tips? I've yet to unscrew the steam tip for cleaning yet. I currently hang a blue cloth I use to clean the wand on the wand itself, until I find it a better home. Been really busy at work (thankfully) so I've not been on the forums much lately (I am easily distracted!). My wonderful girlfriend has bought me 24 advent presents, some of which I suspect are coffee related, so I don't want to buy any more gear until I've opened them all! Shes moving in next year and is a fan of the robot dripper machines, so looks like the kitchen will be a shrine to coffee. I have lots to learn and finally have the right equipment to master. I am extremely grateful to be able to afford this combo, and appreciate your help so far with my decision making. I suspect we are both very analytical in our thinking whe it comes to every significant purchase!
  6. Another early Niche December delivery, over the moon! My 58.4mm tamper came the same day after being delayed for weeks, good timing! Now i can get the most out of my Lelit Elizabeth that I've had for a few months, the real journey starts here! Need a leveller/distribution tool next, will improvise for now 🤓 Next step is to discover new local roasters, and a decaff bean, although quite like the Sainsburys Fair Trade Columbian Decaff. 😈
  7. Despite the n+1 rule, I've been sticking faithfully to my 3 disciplines of bike for many years, keeping them maintained. Update/service rather than upgrade entirely. One day I will get a Titanium gravel bike. maybe from http://www.albannach.cc/frameworks/ n = 1 Green Standard Lengthy BMX (199?), have had it since the 90's when I got the frame about 3rd or fourth hand! still going strong, but need to get on it more. There's a great new Velosolutions pump track in Edinburgh near where I live. n+1 = 2: Commencal Meta 5.5.3 (2007) Don't get on it too much, so low mileage. Still has all original gear, including the original tyres! Thinking of adding a dropper post and 1x Drivechain to keep it going another 10 years! n + 1 = 3: Genesis CdF (2014) My most used bike, its been on many adventures. It was marketed as a Cyclocross Bike, but insert Gravel/Adventure as appropriate. Can just fit 38mm tyres. It's my daily commuter / sportive / bikepacking / touring / #microadventure / everything bike. Steel and weighs a ton but can handle pretty rough terrain. Enjoy kitting it out with equipment for touring, hoping to do the NC500 in 2021 on it 😄
  8. Haha, yes! In the interests of keeping this thread on topic, I've moved the bike discussion into "Off-Topic" where it can keep on pedaling. 🚲 Now, where were we on the subject of the £2000 machine!?! 🤣
  9. Hey @Jason11, thought I'd move the discussion to a more appropriate location within the forums! That's a lovely looking bike, how are you finding the 1x drivetrain? You have a few epic rides planned, I've never taken my bike abroad yet, loads of gravel to take on in Scotland first, it's getting really popular, and routes are becoming more promoted on the web. Funnily enough my next bike will most likely be titanium too, I thought about keeping it local and going with http://www.albannach.cc/frameworks/, but it will be a few years off yet! I have a rear rack and panniers to make it easier to take the tent, and my luxury item, the Helinox Chair Zero. I might get front panniers to do the NC500, but more space means room for more unnecessary stuff, so will be careful! Also after a new sleeping back to let me survive zero degrees, but I'm not an extreme camper. Just want a few more overnight #microadventures before December and don't want to freeze! Here are my favourite practical/fun camping items: Emergency kit in fake water bottle - tube, patches, multitool, missing link, latex gloves, plaster, tyre levers, zip ties Fake jetboil and frying pan - for a cooked plant based breakfast Aeropress and battery milk frother (don't yet carry a hand grinder, but can see it happen!) Helinox Chair Zero - always worth it! Light with built in Bluetooth speaker (tiny, but great for music and listening to ghost stories in the dark tent!) Head torch, looking for a new one My Step 2's - a few 330ml craft lagers and a hip flask with Single Malt I thought the cyclists on the forum might like to share a photo of their bike and list a few of their favourite accessories, since coffee fanatics certainly like to collect a lot of specialist equipment! Over to you all! Ally
  10. Haha, yes the force must be strong in you to resist new bikes. I have to combine a minimalist mindset, and also think about the environment a bit (manufacturing a bike does have it's cost) to avoid buying a shiny new gravel bike. I'm still going strong with my 2012 Steel Framed Genesis CDF, I swap upgradeitis or n+1 with servicing it myself, and replacing chains, chainrings, cassettes, cables as required, as well as kitting it out for touring (I call it bikepacking to sound cool but I use good old panniers!) Looking forwards to doing the NC500 in 2021 when safe to do so! Until then I've been going on a few local microadventures with my tent, gas stove and Aeropress. I will end up with a new bike one day, but my heavy bike is keeping me fit up the hills in Scotland in the meantime! What bike you thinking for your next n+1?
  11. I too had chosen the MaraX, but through this forum and online resources I decided the Lelit Elizabeth was better for my needs, and I have no regrets. I have a minimum of 2 milk drinks a day, and really love having the dual boiler on hand. When my girlfriend moves in there will be more milk drinks, and one day in the future I may even have friends and family round for coffee again! I initially choose the MaraX because it "looked cool", but decided I don't want to grease cam shafts, I do want more control of coffee and steam temps, configurable pre-infusion times, and a shot timer. It looks nice and industrial, and is rock solid. My Niche doesn't arrive until December so I'm not even getting the best out of it yet , but glad I upped my budget to get it, rather than feel the need for an upgrade in a year or two. No regrets at all!
  12. Haha! what are the chances I ended up ordering the same Tamper as my Jedi Master @MediumRoastSteam without even realizing Thanks for sharing your routine, these are useful to watch, to see the order of things, lengths of purges etc. I flush the water from steam wand into a small glass thing, I seem to have a thing about avoiding any water going into drip tray for some reason! I'm also getting pucks stuck to shower screen so I pull out portafilter in a special way too.
  13. Thank you, I've yet to try the actual routine, I didn't hit save when I first made it and lost it all, so need to make it all again! So maybe: 3 backflushes with cleaner (30 secs apart) [what exactly here?] stick back in the normal basket and a couple of flushes through it? (the 1+2 twice?)
  14. @DavecUKI'm still getting used to the machine out of the box whilst I build up my skills and knowledge, so at the moment, I have the steam boiler on when it comes on, but I've also left the eco shutdown on (I know I can disable this feature), incase I lie in by mistake. Will get more into tweaking preinfusion when I get the Niche. Am I right in thinking that when the auto shot down kicks in, it has effectively shut itself off (when top light is blinking?) A typical day: Smart plug turns on machine at 7:45am (both boilers) I make my first coffee (Latte) about 8:10am - 5 second pre-infusion (purge steam and wipe, puck in bin, rinse/wipe portafilter, wash cup and milk jug, wipe under the showerhead, portafilter back in place) Machine will kick into standby about 8:40am (so as good as off?) Make another coffee about 10:30am (decaff Latte) - I put machine out of auto shutdown by hitting button and its ready pretty soon after, or can say "Alexa, reboot coffee" which will turn it off, delay, then back on from my room (when near the end of my Zoom meeting!) Machine goes into eco shutdown Last coffee after lunch (decaff, Americano with dash of oat milk, hot water from kettle not Lelit hot water, it tastes funny?) Okay, I lied, one more decaff about 3pm! Sometimes I say "Alexa, turn off coffee" after I've made coffee, so I can just say "Turn on coffee" later in the day. Inspired by your cleaning video, I am also working on an Alexa routine "Alexa, clean coffee" to help with my cleaning timings, I use Alexa speech and delays but am needing to tune it, it goes like: I say "Alexa, clean coffee" once I have blind filter in place and cleaner loaded. Alexa says "press 1 and 2" (from my Kitchen Echo Show) 30 second delay Alexa: "and again" 30 second delay Alexa: "one more time" 30 second delay Alexa: "Now press 1 then 3" ??? delay (I need to time how long the auto clean takes) Alexa "Now rinse out cleaner and replace, 1 then 3" ??? delay (I need to time how long the auto clean takes) "Now empty drip tray, rinse and dry it, then top up water, and remove blind filter" 2 minute delay "Did you remember to remove blind filter?" - I am paranoid I'll leave it in one time and make a coffee in the morning in a blind filter! What do you think about those steps? I can make a video and separate forum post about it in a few weeks, once I use it a few times and see if it actually works well in practice!!! PS My wake word for Alexa is Actually Computer - "Computer, turn off coffee" but people probably more familiar with reading Alexa
  15. I was choosing between the Lelit Elizabeth and the MaraX, but really happy I picked the Elizabeth. I was romanticizing about the classic E61 on the MaraX, picturing myself pulling on the lever, but reality kicked in when I thought about having to re-grease the cam every time I did a chemical backflush. I love bikes and do all my own bike maintenance, but not as often as I should, so was just honest with myself. I like how the Elizabeth has nice modern digital features, but still looks industrial and professional. If my preparation and grinding are consistent enough I might even set the pump to stop after the right amount of seconds, so I can focus on steaming milk at the same time, just because I can with the DB! Also even though the Elizabeth is small for what it contains (dual boilers) it still is quite big. However it has a nice short depth, and extra width not a big issue where I have it). I think, from seeing them side by side in Dave's videos, the MaraX would feel like it took up a bit too much of my workspace. Basically, think if you want the lever because it seems cool, and how much tech you'd like. Get yourself down to two machines and let these forums help you with the head-to-head decision, good luck! Take your time and enjoy the research, but probably buy soon before we leave the EU!
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