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About Me

I am an old lady with cats - yes a crazy old cat lady - who has been a tea drinker for most of my life, I make my own tea blends - for me, not professionally or anything, but do enjoy cappucinos, ( most of the time, a few hit and misses over the years) and due to current situation am missing out so thought I would try making them at home.

After many a failed start - trying to use almond milk was a disaster  - I make an ok - ish cappucino now.

I have a stove top - I do also have a cafetiere - I was using it for tea ( I have far too many tea pots), and never got the hang of making coffee in it.

I have a milk heater a frother and now I have got a grinder thanks to the help from members of this forum I am further down my jouney of figuring out what the coffee that I like is actually called.

I am retired - was an mechanic for most of my life, and am bored bored bored and finding numerous ways of getting into delightful trouble.

My cats are: Tiddles ( my children named him) who is long in the tooth at 14, Bob (who is a girl - don't ask), Minx wjo is queen in charge, and the babies are Frey and McGray - named after my current favourite books.

I have been brewing mead (again - personal use only) for years and have recently started brewing Kombucha and a failed venture into Water Kefir , which somehow ended up being rather alcoholic (also - don't open the bottles until chilled! ) 🙂

I do all the normal bits like baking and knitting like an almost grandma should, but am always up for a new passion.

I don't twit (or twitter?) or insta' anything, ever, Social media has passed me by, and am quite glad it has.

I hope to find answers and fellow enthusiasts here, and not be too much trouble, if possible.



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