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  1. I am fascinated and jsut have to know??? The poster? in the right handside of your picture says "remember, as far as anyone knows"... what? knows what? enquiring mins need to know!😺
  2. Thank-you all for your replies - it really is super helpful to get advice from experienced coffee folks. as far as light roast - I tried doing that - but there you get into acidic fruuits like pineapple, or pungency like mango - bear in mind I am new, and know nothing, and my taste buds are probably not the best judge right now - but no, I am feeling like I am definitely a dark roast kinda girl, medium dark, some medium at a puch but definutely not light. I notice there is a LSOL section, but I could not find a DSOL section, I am assuming that the vast majority of people on here are
  3. If you get a relatively good one ( my other half, although he would never admit it) really like the venus razors- blue ones. I am fine with blades of all kinds, it is kind of my hobby, and I was just talking to a friend today - who is hopefully going to fix one of my straight razors ( also thiers) as the hinge has given up and my eyes are not so good these days. Most of my razors are either gifts or things I have bought second hand and refurbished myself, as I am not super wealthy myself, just a regular joe. I am tempted by, but funds do not presently allow, the IWASAKI KAMISORI
  4. Thank-you for this info - have snaffled a little taster bag for myself ( had to get more chai anyway) I am not a fruit coffee sort of person but chocolate and raspberry - that I can do!😺
  5. My other half did the same ( he used a new one though - I travelled a lot for work and it was just easier to take those and then if I forgot it somewhere int he world, I did not care) and said it was awsome too - but then he had always been using an electric razor. I showed him how to shave with a standard razor ( removable double blade), and he loved it, we then moved onto the cutthrout and strangely he was not such a fan, he found it harder to not slice himself up when he did it, so often asked me to do it for him the works, hot towels, pre-oil, fresh lather, me stropping the razor whil
  6. Hi Coffee Wizards, I am thinking of trying a teeny bit of Jamiaca blue mountain coffee, as has been recommended in the past. I have looked into it and there seems to be a lot of different estates. I did a search for a poll as to who was best whilst at the same time looking to see whree I could buy with some sense of reliability. I noticed that Fortnums are selling a little tin (125g) of jamaica Blue mountain Clifton estate at a very reasonable price - it is the price that started me wondering... Fortnums Jamaica Blue Mountain Clifton Estate On the list of b
  7. Ok.. *chocolate; I have chosen as my favourite chocolate to make with this Chai (coffee)syrup from @Crownandcanvas; The winner is: melt inthe middle swiss milk chocolate 70% with chai and a crisp outside of dark peruvian 85% * Crumble I have also made a small apple crumble ala haley&Joes with the Chai Syrup for my neighbour who just texted to say it was not big enough, because he really enjoyed it. * Loaf I decided against a loaf at the moment and went with similar recipe, for muffins(trigger broom style, vegan, gluten free, with dates, walnuts,
  8. Goats???? Should we be worried??🐐😄
  9. I am thinking the one listed for £34 plus VAT - promise
  10. Hi there, please bear in mind I k now nothing, I mean literally nothing, Dave and the gang are definitely your best bet, but it reminds me of a problem I had with a different kind of machine - nothing to do with coffee, and I did a bit of a google to see if anyone had mentioned this in relation to your machine and found the following - please please do not do what is recommended in this article without checking it with the excellent, very knowledgacble people here, as again, I cannot stress enough - I know nothing... air bubbles causing issues in machines unised for a bit
  11. early am, put mokka pieces on my coffee area, grind the coffee as water filters though the peak, sift the coffee ( yes new grinder is coming) , fll the basket, go to the fridge to get milk for the frother, pour the milk, go to put the basket in the mokka pot, only to realise I had poured the milk into the mokka pot and the water in to the milk frother, and just stood there, coffee filter in one hand, mokka pot in the other like tryint to fit a triangle into a circular hole, I knew something was not right but took me a few seconds of looking at on , then the other before I twigged! 😆
  12. Thank you for letting me know, am learning as I go. The link should have taken you to a simple colorimeter machine about €40, that I have used before for something completely different, in making and comparing types and concentrations of chemicals. It is simple to use, you simply make a specified solution, and compare it to others. It provides a specific reading in comparison to the base solution, often distilled deionised water. When I saw your post I was thinking about that and wondered if anyone had used one for the same purposes as you, as at least then there would be one piece o
  13. Hi, Sadly today I went to my local tea shop to stock up and they have closed - the sign says until 2021! I suppose they are riding out the Corona. So - I am looking for a supplier of Whole leaf tea - not the shredded loose leaf but hte whole leaf,a dn I simply cannot find anything other than pepperment (I am talking black tea not herbal tea) - so things like orange pekoe etc - as far as the other things go I have a brilliant long term supplier ( marigold, chamomile, dandilion, butterfly pea, etc etc). I had a mooch around the tea section here and although it is menti
  14. have you ever tried one of these? https://www.timstar.co.uk/co04570-colorimeter-wpa-co7500-colourwave.html would making a solution ( required) be ana issue ( if you make the same concentration of each solute to be measured)? This could all be gibberish as I know nothing - but I really am interested.
  15. @Folinho Update: There are 2 issues with buying from Amazon as I have done; 1: The price has gone up by £20ish so is now £120, plus £6.00 prime shipping, Plus the import fee that amazon hold in case of import fees ( you get it back if not used, or if only partially used you get partial refund) of £21 - makes it about the same price as just buying it in the UK. This may change back after black Friday but that leads me onto .. 2: I bought mine on the 14th from amazon UK, sold by amazon UK, fulfilled by Amazon global, delivered from Amazon in the USA
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