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  1. aha. mmmm😋 hope she likes the wines, so glad it worked out ok. Could I please ask - did they try and sell you into some sort of wine club or was it fairly straghtforward? Just asking because if it was a relatively pain free process, I will post another if I get one in my next order.
  2. I was sent this voucher with my last rave order, and it is of no use to me but might be useful to someone who likes the wines from naked wines. The voucher is for £75 off an order for 12 bottles ( a case) that total at least £115 ( well it says £114.99 or above) The offer says there is no requirement to join any wine "clubs" , but as I have never bought from them before I cannot say if that is true or not. it states Next day delivery is as standard but does cost £4.99 ( may be more for the islands and highlands, not sure) to redeem this offer yo
  3. I checked and this cup was also available on Amazon but now also out of stock. For a much much higher price , Amazon also have these which look similar...Sadly did not find much in the way of delicate and straight when I searched for glass coffee mugs of about 500ml. I know what you mean, I have delicate straight glass espresso mugs and I love them, much nicer than the regular thick glass versions. 500ml straight fine glass hot or cold mugs Hope you have more luck, or that they come back in stock for you.
  4. aha - super helpful - thank you 👍😁 I am not sure if you are buying for home or work, as Amazon lets you know when you buy, how many you can buy, but there is no bulk buy discount, wlthough you can have an amazon business type account for free where you can shop ex vat I think - they keep advertising it to me and I wish I could click a button to say I am retired! 😄 I have no idea if hte argon colour is your thing, looks similar side by side on my computer but that is never a good way to judge things. I have also never bought any argon cups so no idea if hte quality is an
  5. I could not find the loveramics latte cup - but the argon ones are available, singly or as a set.. Argon latte mugs set and as for flat white - well I assume that is drunk out of the same type of mug as the latte above? or maybe the cappucino mugs to show off the latte art? apologies for being daft - I am a cappuccino girl myself so not up on which cup is which, I do have espresso mugs for guests, and regular mugs for guests, but I have my china for my tea ( or the gaiwan) and the cappuccino mugs for cappuccino or hot chocolate. anywho - hope this he
  6. they also have the cappuccino from loveramics, the argon ones are cheaper as come as a set but may be a tad different hue... loveramics cappuccino Argon cappucino yellow set (ochre)
  7. i found the loveramics espresso yellow on amazon... loveramics yellow espresso if you do decide on argon I thought I would add a link to their espresso mugs as well so it can all match.. argon ochre espresso mugs with saucers
  8. could be that is affecting your perceptions of hte coffee - a lot of "taste" is in the smell really. Also - could be the type of water you are using/ Also - could just be that naturally processed coffee is not for you. I have something called Hyperosmia - have had it since my first pregnancy and never went away - I have some things I use to manage it to keep it at a dull roar but essentially it means I smell things more than usual - and therefore I taste things more than usual, and no - this is not a super power it is in fact really annoying and occasionally really
  9. This is purely for my education - it is not in any way a scientific thing for anyone to worry about as far as I know I am just keen to find out.... I thought I would ask the clever coffee people here as I have searched the blessed internet for the last couple of weeks, founds lots of stories and webpages talking about this but no actual scientific fact or detail. So - mould free coffee? Sold as not having any mould and therefore not having any dangerous mycotoxins ( toxins produced by certain types of mould that are toxic to people) I have read that -
  10. Hi, this is probably a bit late, I found your post as I am looking into this hype about mould on coffee beans and the toxins ( mycotoxins) but perhaps this may still be useful to you... Pink mold is actually one of the more controversial molds. It has been proven that it is both a mold and a bacteria. It likes to grow anywhere wet/damp and a good sample will begin to leave a slime residue behind. safety - it is never ideal to breath in any mould spores but unless you are immunocompromised or are a child or elderly or have underlying serious health conditions aff
  11. I have to second the advice from @HDAV, even with my little hand grinder - when I got it I spent several days ( due to only being able to manually grind so much before my arms fell off) and about 300g of beans dialling it in, and possible, seasoning the burrs , but really it was me faffing about dialling it in - and that was just for one type of coffee beans. I think most of my bags -- and I am still shopiing all over the place to get to know which beans are my favourites - most come with a little valve on the back, I think it is one way - keeps the Oxygen out and lets the carbon dioxide
  12. you could try this coffee roaster in london, they do 200g bags that work out in your proce point and are the only ones that i looked at that will send 2 x bags fourtnightly - the others would only send 1 x 500g or 1 x 250g or 1 x 1kg none of the others I looked at (in the top 10 roasters in london 2020 list) offered 2 x anything; Union Roasred coffee roasters London, subscription service I selected the "they choose for you" option and the extr £2 for upgrade to special coffee and it worked out at your price point, it may be less if you choose not to upgrade or if you choose th
  13. Best to check some of the retailers on this forum - but in my first search I found this - never heard of the company so cannot comment, but are UK based: Wilfa Svart UK second search revelaed some names I recognise but have not bought from before: https://www.crankhousecoffee.co.uk/products/wilfa-svart-conical-burr-grinder https://www.adamsandrussell.co.uk/product/wilfa-svart-coffee-grinder-cgws-130b/ the above range from £129, through £120 to the last one being £110 - but canot say how much the deliver costs and more importantly what their after s
  14. Hi and welcome😁, there is a great section on this forum of UK roasters, you may spot some there that are nearby, see this link https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/1305-uk-based-roasters/?tab=comments#comment-3972
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