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  1. The larger form factor and the retention is a no for me in my home environment too. The Baratza or Smart Grinder burr size but in a more traditional style and build is kind of what is was hoping to find. The etzMax Lite grinder looks to be in that category but something more budget friendly like the Mignon would have been nice😂
  2. Good question, somehow I am in the same situation, I always wanted to compare a big conical with a big flat, I have a Compak K10 conical and a Mazzer Super Jolly and my plan, unfinished yet, is to use them both for espresso, the conical for let's say some medium dark roast and the Mazzer with red speed lucidate burrs ( in the future) for lighter roasts and special coffees etc. During these years of buying second hand and owning many grinders I noticed that it's quite difficult to find a conical for a decent price, I had several Mazzer Major, Super Jolly, Compak etc and a big Compak E10 conical
  3. So, I tend to switch beans quite a lot and often have a low-caffeine coffee on the go along side. At the moment I have a Eureka Mignon Specialita but the switching between beans is growing tedious. My plan is to keep the Mignon but want another grinder to go along side it. I fancy a conical grinder and my initial thoughts were to get a hand grinder (Kinu M47) but I like the convenience of and on-demand grinder and some space. So, my question is - the Mignon is a really great value flat burr grinder but what’s is the conical equivalent? F.Y.I, I’m ruling the the Niche out as I don’t r
  4. @dutchy101 Are you still selling this buddy?
  5. I would echo this and could be interested in both actually?
  6. Nice lightly used machine, why the sell?
  7. @maraxlatte did you get sorted with you Pro 700 pump? I have had mine for a few weeks now and the pump has gotten crazy loud ☹️
  8. BH471

    Profitec Pro 500

    @MediumRoastSteam It was, not too a forum member though.
  9. BH471

    Profitec Pro 500

    @DavecUK This is now sold. Thanks
  10. Maybe on a spec sheet Lelit look more promising but I guess looks, build and the tactile interaction with something is more subjective. Having had the chance to play with a fair few machines I personally prefer Profitec/ECM in this regard and fingers crossed so does someone else.
  11. Thanks @DavecUK I will sit tight, the machine is spot on and I’m in no real rush. I put £1250 with the view of accepting £1200 with the thermometer really.
  12. I have a 6 month old Profitec Pro 500 for sale at the moment with a Bellabarista warranty until October 2022 but unfortunately I have had no interest. I have bought another Profitec machine so will include the new and identical accessories that came with that. I also have a group head thermometer I am willing to include. What would you be willing to pay for it do you think?
  13. BH471

    Profitec Pro 500

    Machine is still available and just for reference, here is the picture of the warranty card. Thanks
  14. BH471

    Profitec Pro 500

    Profitec Pro 500 - £1250 Bought from Bella Barista October 2020 so still has 18months of warranty. Machines comes complete with everything that comes standard with the machine. I have upgraded to another Profitec machine and therefore will include the brand new accessories that came with that one instead of the used ones (they are identical) - these include: single and double portafilters, single, double and blind filter baskets, tamper and cleaning brush. I also have a group head thermometer that I will include with the sale. Machine is in great condition but having been used e
  15. Thanks, it’s still a work in progress but I’m getting there.
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