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  1. When someone mentioned 'the Solo' on one of my posts a while ago, I looked up Solo grinder and found this: https://www.grindie.it/solo/?lang=en It was only later that I realised this was not the machine they were referring to! Any thoughts on this one? Anyone actually seen one? Used one? RRP seems to be around £2700 so it's a bit beyond my budget now, but might be a contender for the future...
  2. I'm having grinder upgraditis. Looking to replace a Sette for something quieter and was almost decided on the Mignon Specialita...but tempted to try flat burrs (always had conical in the past). Recently purchased a Lelit Elizabeth which I love, and feel like it deserves a worthy partner to take me through the next...few...years. Have been looking at the Eureka Atom series which seems to fit the bill and was wondering if the 75E is 'worth' almost £200 more than the 65E? (As priced by BB) Can't find many comments on here by way of comparison. (Extra info: I don't want to single do
  3. Thanks everyone, in that case I think I'll just keep it and put a new grinder on my Christmas list...
  4. So I know everyone here hates them with a passion and thinks they're a worthless plastic piece of junk - but how much might I be able to get for a Sette which I've had for about 16 months (I think), if anything? No issues with it so far, and I really like everything about it - except having to brace myself for the noise. If it's not sellable I'll just buy some earplugs and wait until it breaks...
  5. Call or email the Fracino service team - they are really helpful.
  6. E92 doesn't seem to be available anywhere...E37S is now a contender, though, thanks.
  7. Definitely top of the list so far - didn't know they came in a wood finish.
  8. Now THAT is a design statement I could cope with - sadly, 3k might be a bit above the budget (and it doesn't seem to be possible to actually buy one).
  9. Good to know they have so many fans - the Mignon Specialita was the grinder I already had in mind, but I was curious about other recommendations too.
  10. If I'm looking at the right Solo I have similar feelings to the Niche - a bit too much of a design statement for me. Will be interested to read the reviews though.
  11. I don't like the 'style' of the niche at all - totally appreciate that looks should not be top of my priority list, but I really hate it! Any other suggestions?
  12. I've finally got sick of the chainsaw noise which my Sette makes (and I'm sure the neighbours are too) and I need a quieter grinder! I only make espresso-based drinks (unless I'm taking my aeropress on holiday) and almost always use the same beans (Craft House Coffee Industrial) so I won't be regularly changing the grind settings. Coffee machine is a Lelit Elizabeth and budget is flexible. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks very much for the suggestions - I will ignore the filter and go for bottled, then. The filter size versus the hole in the tank seems to definitely be on the side of "if that goes in it's never, ever coming out again" rather than "just fitting". I've read the discussions about combining various types of bottled water with great interest and will definitely experiment, but just wanted to know what I could use as an emergency measure this weekend to get the machine up and running - I've found some Volvic at the local shop. A day of (probably undrinkable) coffee experimentation aw
  14. I've just unpacked a shiny new Elizabeth and stupid question, but the water filter is meant to just drop into the tank, right? But it doesn't fit through the hole! Any recommendations for bottled water I can use instead which might be available from local shops, until I can make a trip to a bigger supermarket next week? I've got a Brita filter jug but I usually only use that water for tea...thanks!
  15. What constititues a "good photo" of a used machine - angles, components - what do people want to see? There is zero chance of a decent video, my phone is bad enough at photos!
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