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  1. Of course I am not using the steam wand which came with it. It is a Rancilio wand. I have tried every method possible with it. The boiler can just not provide enough power after a shot to get enough power into creating microfoam. If I try and do milk first I get better results of course, but then my shot is a gusher - either way I need to wait about 5 mins between shot and milk to get back to full boiler power * Whole milk - cravendale. * I have tried steaming just before the light comes on, and even a while before it comes on. * I have tried cooling the milk in the jug further t
  2. Who has learned how to produce good microfoam with a cheap hand frother? I've been able to get closer than I have with a year of gaggia classic temperature issues with steamer, plus it means I can leave my boiler to get ready for another shot. Who has nailed the technique?
  3. They probably didn't do anything. It was likely just edited together well. The pour at end looked edited in as did other bits. Anyway, considering so many kids are given so much sugar and caffeine laden soft drinks it doesn't offend me.
  4. yeah you can walk in. I got my naked PF there.
  5. I wouldn't buy the MC2 for anything other than a static grind setting. I use my MC2 for espresso and my hausgrind for everything else.
  6. K008 batch 1, walnut: fatboyslim K009 batch 1, walnut: Milesy K010 batch 1, walnut: Lookseehear K021 batch 1(.5?), walnut: coffeechops K021 batch 2, walnut: Kikapu K022 batch 2, beech: Jeebsy K023 batch 2, walnut: Lewis K025 batch 2, walnut: Drc K027 batch 2, walnut: CallumT K028 batch 2, walnut: rmcgandara K029 batch 2, walnut: Neill K041 batch 2, walnut: SamW K043 batch 2, walnut: Monkey_Devil K045 batch 2, walnut: Working dog K048 batch 2, walnut: Saftlad K049 batch 2, walnut: Geordie Boy K057 batch 2, walnut: andyt23 K059 batch 2, walnut: DavidBondy No s
  7. "Inconsistency" and "can't be bothered" used in the same post - that's the problem. I use my MC2 infrequently at weekends so it makes absolutely no sense to keep the hopper full. My routine is exactly as follows. I cut the top off a 500ml sprite drink bottle and hold that over the burrs when I grind. 1. Measure out 25g beans. 2. Put bottle top over burrs. 3. Grind away - takes a couple of runs and when it gets to the end I use my little cleaning brush to help the last few beans get into the burrs. 4. Turn grinder up on its side and give it a few whacks to get the grinds o
  8. I am number 9 by the way, and it took me about 25 seconds to grind 16g at the pretty fine setting for my aeropress (10 on the dial)
  9. I have received mine and getting great results out it so far. Nice clean aeropress brews. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3tj5uzn01wz34i8/IMG_2325.JPG A pic of my preferred aeropress grind. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nh4n5xpuvtg4q80/IMG_2327.JPG
  10. Yeah the pre grind will not be much good. I have tried it and failed. I have ground some coffee in the morning and then been caught up with family stuff and tried to pull a shot with it in the afternoon and get a bad shot. I personally find the boiler temp to be pretty stable (for me anyway). I only drink a few shots a day at home and only at the weekend so I don't waste coffee by doing a dump shot first either as it would be too much faff doing all the prep twice every time I want a drink. My basket and tamper made a big difference to me I found as was stopping all the multiple tam
  11. Personally I don't find the temperature thing to be a massive issue with the classic in comparison to the other variables. I haven't used mine in months as I have been going through a brewed period but started again recently and after dialling in my grind a bit everything is just as I left it. 1. In the MC2 I grind 25g which gives me roughly 22g as the grinder retains some and I drink my shots infrequently. 2. Put 22g in the warmed and dried portafilter with a 22g VST basket. 3. Depending on my mood I either distribute with a pin or sometimes by hitting PF off the worktop. 4. 1
  12. I've been following the knock grinder process for a wee while now and on the list for the first batch.
  13. I have a simple Knock VST tamper and it fits like a glove with my VST basket. It is also important for me to support UK industry and manufacturers where I can.
  14. Milesy


    Its my go to coffee maker. Espresso is my weekend treat, but aeropress is what gets me through the working week. Courser than an Aeropress grind. Just finer than pourover filter for me. It is worth experimenting with your own kettle with cooling times - for my plastic office kettle I let 1L of water boil and cool for exactly 60 seconds. My metal kettle at home drops temperature quite quickly, especially as my house is usually reasonably cold so more like 30s cool from the boil. Inverted and add just enough water to cover the grinds. I stir the water in slowly to wet them all an
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