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  1. Yes, I forgot about that! I actually did try to hit the solenoid a little bit to see if that would get it unstuck It did nothing, although I did not dare hitting it that hard thinking I'd probably break the electrical coil in the solenoid if I did.
  2. OK, something happened and now the solenoid valve appears to work as it should! Don't know if it was the last disassembly and cleaning of the valve, the lowering of the brew pressure, or the constant back-flushing I tried for the last few days but now when shutting off the coffee switch I get that delightful flush in the drain pipe again and the portafilter is no longer stuck to the group head. Thanks a lot for all the help along the way! I'm really glad to have learned a bit more on how this machine actually works and what I should to maintain it. I still make terrible espresso
  3. Thanks a lot for all the suggestions on cleaning products! I now realize that putting dishwasher detergent through the grouphead and solenoid is not a good idea. Having disassembled the solenoid valve and knowing the size of the holes inside I understand that using any detergent with large crystals that does not immediately dissolve on contact with hot water in the portafilter could easily become stuck in the small holes of the solenoid valve. Anyway, I will make sure to get the suggested products. In the meantime when testing I'm only backflushing with water.
  4. I did one more disassembly of the solenoid valve this evening, checking again for blockage. (Forth time this week ) Last time I took it apart I did more or less as suggested here. (Soaked it in detergent for 20 min/rinsed/soaked in citric acid solution for 20 min/rinced. Cleaned the top hole with a needle..) Now when taking it apart everything still looked clean. Top part seen from below, no blockage here! The only potential problem I could find was the rubber knob on the top of the piston. It has been worn down in the center, creating a small grove. It can sti
  5. Interesting! I had actually planned to adjust the pressure to 9 bar on this machine. (I ordered a pressure gauge last week but it hasn’t arrived yet…) I have read about ”blind OPV adjustment” by simply turing the OPV counterclockwise 270 degrees. But since I am not the original owner I did not know if the OPV was still in the factory setting. The previous owner had replaced the steam wand with a Rancilio Silvia wand so perhaps they had adjusted the OPV as well. Anyway, today I read about the ”glass of water” approach to estimate the pressure from the OPV output flow rate. Trying
  6. I removed the shower screen and dispersion plate this morning and they do not appear to be blocked. I have been backflushing with dishwasher powder and when I remove the PF the powder is typically not dissolved. I imagine there's a risk of some of that powder being sucked back and causing a blockage but I can not see any signs of blockage here.
  7. I think the pressure is released as it should when brewing coffee. Removing the portafilter is not that hard. Nowhere near as hard as removing the it with a blind basket. I tried to attach a hose to the drain pipe and blow air in. Wasn't sure at first if I could feel anything coming through the group but after removing the shower screen I could definietly feel air coming through, so nothing's blocking there.
  8. I never tried to fill the blind basket with water before when backflushing, but I tried it this morning. Doesn't seem to make any difference though. I tried flushing six times, 10-15 seconds. Still no water though the drain pipe.
  9. I have a 2005 Gaggia Classic bought second hand in 2010. During the years it it has seen light use until this spring when lock-down caused it to be upgraded to daily use. With the increased usage I felt the need to learn more about maintaining the machine and noticed that back-flushing this machine does not work as it should. The problem is that when backflushing the machine with the blind filter, after turning off the coffee switch no water flows through the drain pipe and the portafilter remains under pressure. (Trying to remove the portafilter from the grouphead requ
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