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  1. ronsil

    Sage DTP

    Have sent you my address & now waiting for your bank details to pay you
  2. ronsil

    Sage DTP

    Thank you - Yes I can agree to £160 delivered. So now we can go to PM. I will send you my address and if you can please send me your bank details I'll get the cash into your bank straight away. Forget the single shot basket. Never used in this family. Would appreciate note of tracking number once on its way. Many thanks
  3. ronsil

    Sage DTP

    Sorry for all the messing about. Tonight I think the problem has been resolved. Have had to use PMs to keep these negotiations going. Want to clarify all that has transpired. I have made an offer of £150 delivered & jonnycooper29 is now considering this offer. He will reply later on here in open forum
  4. I would agree with that - With my normal dark roasts I'm maintaining grind around 2.5 (on my Irish Dial) but when I use 'bought in' roasted beans I'm circa 1.7 with 1 being zero on the dial. If you haven't tried yet, the coffee shot idea is really nice. Making me like brewed style better than I did.
  5. Thanks Spence - No that gizmo does not exist on mine I wonder why but as I said it doesn't really matter
  6. It does not make a lot of difference to me as I always just drop single shots into the hopper. However I am interested to see the tab which is missing from my hopper. Is a photo possible sometime please?.
  7. I'll make a more specific post here instead of on the main thread. Referring to all the notes on dosing the EK someone said, I think Gary, put the dose in the small hopper start the motor & then pull the tab out to allow the beans through. I have the small hopper & there is NO tab/cutoff at the base of the hopper. I know the large/standard has a cutoff control but there AINT one on the small baby.?
  8. Ron, tried your coffee beans yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Many thanks, John.

  9. Hi Ron, machine now plumbed in and Reg Barber Tamper turned down at work today. Made my first latte at about 10 tonight (nightmare day with widespread flooding). Very pleased with my first attempt. Cheers, John.

  10. ronsil

    Thread Pics

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