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  1. IMO Wooden handles are much better with the white machine. Don't like them on the black (mine)
  2. Pleased to confirm the safe arrival today of 2 x straw filled 'pizza' boxes. Hate pizza but love the contents of these. Thank you @Hasi for facilitating & @Nicknak for posting forward. Look forward to starting on them towards next weekend
  3. ronsil

    Ambient Vesuvius

    Moved to Sold....
  4. Got it now so moved to Sold...
  5. To clarify this sale: @wan you have agreed to buy the Machine at £600. You are going to pickup & bring the extra £100 with you should you also require the extras. Gentlemen if this is the case you can now go to PM for payment & pickup address arrangements. I will move this thread to 'Sold' unless I hear differently from you.
  6. Just paid my 29.40 euros with Paypal. Current poor exchange rate makes it £27.45 for 1 kg Vocklabrand. Looking forward to it. I like a touch of robusta in my espresso
  7. ronsil

    Niche Zero White

    Reminder ...again. This is a Sales Thread so no comments please.
  8. Guarantee for 200000 shots against 10000 on the DE1plus Other features are same on both.
  9. No question - I would want another 'Decent Espresso'. Maybe the 'PRO' version next time. But ...have got to say a KVDW Mirage is the only machine I have ever been drawn to without considering the output.
  10. So those were my two masterpieces that Nick was waiting to dry. Here they are in action 4 minutes after they arrived by SD. Thank you Nick. I really do appreciate the excellent workmanship BUT more important to me is the functionality & how they speed up my workflow. After delivering direct into the basket,just a little twiddle with a 'cut down' baby whisk' & a few taps on the top, then flattern with a distributer & finally a polish off with a 'PUSH' tamper. Delivery comes immediately from the centre of the puck in one stream. Using Baytown Boggle Hole I use 19gms beans>38 grms espresso out for 40 seconds at water temp 88C. Sweet & so smooth. Sure I'll be abe to shave a few more seconds off the workflow with a bit more use. Will be using 2 x PFs & baskets for faster throughput. Great job Nick. Thanks
  11. Sorry - we (Mods) can't help you there. At the moment the Admin don't seem to be doing much administration. I hope its all worthwhile for them!!!???
  12. I agree with that Dave. Inevetable considering the battering the Forum has had, I suppose.
  13. ronsil

    Gene Cafe 101

    Please don't forget to keep everything visable on the Sale forum until a price is agreed. No PMs until this stage is reached.
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