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  1. £89.89 for a 'V' http://www.thewaterwarehouse.co.uk/ Price has been the same for the past 3 years. You can find cheaper around but prefer direct from the makers.
  2. ronsil


    Double endorse your comment about Coffeefix in Gatley. All types of coffee they serve are really excellent and the food is nice as well. Just be careful don't trip over the bikes.
  3. ...moved to Sold..
  4. ...Moved to SOLD...
  5. I much prefer the Niche on the outer left side of the trolley. Improves valuble working space adjacent to the DE1XL. When we move House end October I have in mind to put my Decent & Niche on a trolley.
  6. That doesn't look very good😪 Hope to hear you back on the coffee soon. All Best
  7. Some detailed photos would help your sale on here.
  8. IMO Wooden handles are much better with the white machine. Don't like them on the black (mine)
  9. Pleased to confirm the safe arrival today of 2 x straw filled 'pizza' boxes. Hate pizza but love the contents of these. Thank you @Hasi for facilitating & @Nicknak for posting forward. Look forward to starting on them towards next weekend
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