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  1. Hi, Maybe interested. Can you tell me the storage capacity & is the phone unlocked or locked to EE All best
  2. Currently I think they have a few refurbished DE1+ machines which they are selling off at a good price. Knowing 'Decent' as well as I do I'm sure these will be like new machines. I'm no technition but I easily manage to keep up with all the available updates, firmware & software for the App, and the Skin that I use. Couldn't imagine myself owning anything else other than a 'Decent' nowadays.
  3. Have had my Decent for well over a year & it remains the best Machine I've ever owned. You can enjoy the 'tech' or let it be as simple as you like. Whatever, it will produce beautiful espresso. Customer service is out of this world.
  4. When you have a 'Decent' you move into a different world. If you must 'thick/gloopy' is possible by grind adjustment but you'll find all the flavours you seek via the Machines capability coupled with your own experience. For sure you are going to enjoy the Machine & its product.
  5. Sounds interesting; how will they be powered?

    thinking of pimping the GC above the water tank so it is easier to see water level.

  6. I've never ever been let down in any way by Coffee Compass. Excellent Company - coffee - service. Very consistant with all beans I've ever had from them over the years
  7. ronsil

    Compak R120

    ...moved to 'Sold'...
  8. In February next year,2020, my Daughter & Son in Law are heading off to NZ for a months holiday. Lucky folk. They asked me to suggest any coffee spots not to be missed. So I am asking for suggestions from anyone on here. Thanks in advance
  9. i have progressed from using the Skale under the drip tray, which in fact makes the readings very unstable. I use a custom 3D printed carrier designed by a Decent Espresso Forum member. This is 100% stable. Its no problem to fill up the water tank daily. I just wheel the trolley over to the sink. In fact it's a good thing as it makes it easy to clean out the ceramic water tank which tends very quickly to build a scum on the white ceramic. I can also refill from a BWT jug with a built in water softener cartridge.
  10. Using water through a BWT 'V' Cartridge set on 2. Very soft water here. I choose this trolley because of the 'sprung' wheels. Easy glide over our light oak floors. With care there is very little or none slopped water
  11. Six months have passed since I accquired my Decent. A lot of water under the bridge. Have downsized to a smaller house which has been our tenth move. Its just gotta be the last move time. So throught & dramatic. Managed to keep going all the time with an ever improving Decent Espresso: Thought to let you see the current situation. We've gone 'mobile' This is not new for me. 18 years ago I put a Sylvia & a Mazzer Electronic on a trolley & used it everywhere in the House including the garden. So currently enjoying the regular Decent updates. Always something new to
  12. £89.89 for a 'V' http://www.thewaterwarehouse.co.uk/ Price has been the same for the past 3 years. You can find cheaper around but prefer direct from the makers.
  13. Double endorse your comment about Coffeefix in Gatley. All types of coffee they serve are really excellent and the food is nice as well. Just be careful don't trip over the bikes.
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