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  1. @mattpitts74 I think most coffees should go well with the Cafelat Robot. The coffee maker doesn't have a boiler, relies on the water in the portafilter to heat up. Brew temperature depending on the method: https://www.home-barista.com/levers/cafelat-robot-temperature-tests-t65550.html Not sure what the best temperature for different roast levels but dark and medium roasts should be good without preheating. Lighter roasts may need a preheating. A preheat method I have heard is to pour hot water once after adding the coffee and the screen, then discard the water away to prehe
  2. Hi folks, I am very interested to try new coffees, Coffee Compass have a few dark roasts/single origins that look promising. Would anyone send me a code through DM? Thank you
  3. Agreed inverted is much easier to manage. You can also have more water in and out. I can get 230g of coffee out.
  4. Agreed a plastic tape would prevent damage. Hopefully I have a clear tape - will check in the morning.
  5. I cannot prevent the cup from touching the machine when putting it in place to receive the coffee. As the cup is made of metal it may leave a mark in the machine.
  6. @Mark70 innovation has not left the planet! Smart way to get around the sink issue.
  7. With Crowdfunding websites, I am convinced there will be new high quality manual coffee makers soon.
  8. This grinder permits to adapt to several types of brew methods and beans. That does improve materially the quality of what I drink. The physics of 9barista looks very interesting, extracting the coffee juice at a particular pressure/temperature. Once known this should be easy to use as not a lot of parameters you can change: grind setting, amount of water. From the videos, it seems easier to use than the Robot - but changing the temperature/pressure profile may not be possible. The Robot is a fully manual espresso machine without boiler. The water is heated outside the machine, coffe
  9. Hi @Beanedict, This is a great list, with more coffee beans that I can try (actually very impressive). Though I cannot access the site any more, being welcomed with an error "502 Bad Gateway". Cheers
  10. Very interesting! Quite a list actually. I may look at this for my next buy.
  11. Hi Rainmac13, I bought 3 bags from Black Cat Coffee and this is the last one. It is a lot darker than the previous one I tasted (Colombia Yellow Bourbon). I have found it difficult to adapt the grind setting to this coffee, though now it is fine. It is capable of doing great espressos. For Aeropress/French Press I have shortened the brew time a little bit (while also increasing the coarseness).
  12. Agreed La Pavoni is a great budget/quality machine!
  13. @Northern_Monkey the water filter under sink would save space, though a three-way tap (or 2 taps) may be difficult as I am currently renting.
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