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  1. Completely unsurprising. Jake's customer service @Crownandcanvas is becoming legendary.
  2. Any recommendations for either the El Salvador San Jose or China Banka? Thanks.
  3. The Ugandan Ibanda is truly awesome, plums and strawberries in abundance, absolutely delicious.
  4. A Happy New Year to one and all.
  5. As others have said, there is better value to be had with other coffees. I recall having some JBM some years ago, and I was most underwhelmed.
  6. I've recently started doing this. I've found that the tasting notes are more prononuced if flipped for the remainder of the brew.
  7. Wow! The tasting notes are so much more pronounced with a long steep. I did a 14g dose / 240ml water for 20 minutes. I anticipated bitterness, but was pleasantly surprised with only sweet flavours. I'll definitely be doing this again. Thanks @Stu Beck.
  8. Thanks @Stu Beck. I'll try the long steep tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
  9. Currently, I'm really enjoying Honduras Maria Genoveva beans from @Crownandcanvas as an Aeropress. I'd like to give a big public thank you to Jake at Crown & Canvas for his help with the Aeropress recipe, as, initially, I found it difficult to hit the tasting notes. I emailed him during a weekend and he responded on the Monday morning. Jake didn't have an Aeropress recipe at hand for the Maria Genoveva beans, but said that he would have a 'play' in the Roastery. On the Tuesday evening, he emailed his recipe to me. The responsiveness and personal service from Crown and Canvas is applau
  10. Thank you so much @Crownandcanvas for a really enjoyable challenge. I'm happy enough to have guessed the correct continent.
  11. Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla and perhaps Nutmeg. I'm guessing El Salvador.
  12. The topic is 'Free Pour Friday', which displays some pretty amazing proficiency with a milk jug.
  13. Happy International Coffee Day 🥳
  14. The 'Find a Coffeeshop' subforum has a pretty good summary of the coffee scene in Oxford. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/33774-oxford-round-up/ I can highly recommend 'The Missing Bean' and 'Jericho Coffee Traders'.
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/sep/18/sampling-mayfairs-50 Like any perceived luxury, I suppose your're paying mostly for the experience and exclusivity. I've never come close to paying that much for a cup of coffee. If you've had an expensive coffee, I'm intrigued to know whether the experience was worth it?
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