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  1. Goes to show how much attention I've been paying, never seen one before. Great idea for the less artisan places without the staff investment
  2. I'd not seen this before. Two headed integrated grinder/tamper from La Marzocco. Quality of pour at the neighboring shop has gone up exponentially as requires no real barista training. Lock in portafilter and press button, then lock into machine and press button. 'Foolproof'. Are these common?
  3. Service complete and machine back. Great job. Replaced the failed main power switch/control unit also at £90+VAT. Machine running very well. Chap called Miro there very nice to work with. Recommended
  4. Mine came to approx £150 for a 'domestic' machine. Apparently this is what they consider the Cherub. This was a full service though so included a boiler descale etc... I can't remember if that incl/excl VAT though. If I remember correctly it's approx £250 for the 'commercial' machine version. If you need parts replacing/similar outside the normal service items (seals etc...) then that's on top
  5. Picking up completely serviced machine on Sat. Just over a week turnaround as it turns out. They have fully descaled and serviced for a very reasonable price. Will update again once I have the machine back but so far very impressed
  6. Many thanks for this, turned out to be perfect. Have gone for the full service where they disassemble and descale all boiler and pipework also. Worth it for the cost while they have it in. Takes 2 weeks or so depending on what service calls they have on. Spoke to a very nice chap called Miro. Will post again when I get the machine back as to how it's all gone.
  7. Afternoon all, long time since I've posted or commented but that's another story. Always great to catch on the discussion here in those fleeting moments Anyhow does anyone have any good recommendations for getting a Cherub serviced in London (ideally SW)? I'm not keen to send it back to Fracino as that would involve packing/shipping and so on and it's in good shape, just needs all the valves and so on changed after 5yrs+ great service. I'm loathe to do it myself due to time constraints primarily and ideally I'd want someone to come to me and do it here given it's just valves etc... so I don't have to drain/move it but I'm resigned to the fact it's probably a take it to the workshop type job. Anyone have any good options they can recommend? Thanks in advance for any help/advice!
  8. As an update took a Porlex through EDI last week without issue so the incident above seems to have been a one off which would fit with twisty's comment above
  9. Thanks to all. I haven't taken it apart yet as I only noticed yesterday and didn't have time. To be frank I use the tap so rarely that it could have been like this for a while . I think at this point I will flush/fill a few boilers when I am home later in the week and see if this sorts it out. Fingers crossed!
  10. Quick pic of a cup of the drawn water. As you can see not a great deal of silt but...
  11. Hello all, At present my Cherub, after much good service, has started distributing small amounts of silt/fine suspended particles from the hot water tap. This is only the case from the hot water tap i.e. when coming direct from the boiler as opposed to from the group. It's been descaled regularly etc... If I had to guess I would say they were perhaps sediment deposits of some kind or small metal particles but I can't imagine why either would be present in the boiler unless my recent descaling was excessively thorough. All appears otherwise to be in good working order. Has anyone else experienced similar with an HX?
  12. You serve your house preference roast at the preferred temp and then the second roast takes a quality hit by being served at the same temp. You're still offering more choice than you were. To be frank I'd bet 95% of customers would never know.
  13. I hadn't thought of this it's true. That said when I've talked to a few folk I've been amazed how little people change this from initial setup. Even given this though I would think you calibrate for your house and the secondary blend takes a slight quality hit on the shot.
  14. I have Redchurch a fair bit actually. My neighbour owns a series of shops and the one local to our house does Redchurch. They have a facility at London Bridge I was at recently that was good. Bit of a trek though to both from Liv St. The best local for darker stuff is 'The Liberty of Norton Foldgate'. Like that place for Espresso
  15. I tend to agree with Dave on this in that I don't necessarily see the complexity. Having had limited shop experience it's not something I'm overly familiar with but given the amount of shops that have guest espressos on a separate grinder I wouldn't have thought it too much of a stretch. Ultimately I'm on the fence as to the commercial value here. My perception is that people like choice etc... hence the rise recently of the 'single origins' stuff at Starbucks etc... and certainly it's something I would appreciate. That said my perception may be distorted by the fact that I primarily work at the moment in the Bishopsgate/Old St area of London and the George St area of Edinburgh, both of which are hotspots for the 'light brigade' which may affect my perception of how much of a problem this is. Certainly I can't get a non-'acidic' espresso around either of those two areas easily. My feeling is that if you live in a different part of town you may have the opposite problem. I guess overall one of the things about having a coffee shop for me is having that ability to show customers different tastes/blends/etc... so I like the idea of having some newer/more interesting stuff. That said I still recognise my preference for lower acidity coffee and as a result I'm often trapped between a Starbucks and a Sour face . While I enjoy both I feel there's a commercial opportunity there for the sake of an extra grinder and a bit of time.
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