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  1. Also where did you get that molycote? I couldn't find any for a reasonable price πŸ€”
  2. @Craigzad I got the medium from Screwfix and it fits just fine for doing the lever arm. Although if it's your first time removing the barrel you might struggle with the soft jaws. I had to use tape instead on mine to loosen it as it was insanely tight from the factory and it was just damaging the plastic jaws. I haven't done it up as tight so now using the soft jaws will be fine in future.
  3. Thanks @DavecUK. I'll keep an eye out for wear. I did make a point of visually inspecting everything as I went and didn't see any wear. The machine is only a few months old and has made only a couple of coffees a day. Hopefully as you suggested, it's just working a bit differently now that it's clean. I suppose the thing that struck me as odd is that when I use a blind filter the group gets up to 10 bar and then "SPLOOSH"es when I stop it. However, when pulling a shot, if I have the paddle fully open (Lelit Bianca btw) the group still reaches 10 bar but no sploosh when I stop it. It'
  4. Just did my first chemical backflush at the weekend and the lever felt horrible afterwards, literally after the first flush. Definitely needed lubricating. The nut was a real bitch to undo to get the barrel off, couldn't undo it with the soft jaws, it was just chewing them up, so I had to tape it instead. I haven't done it up nearly as tight. Since them the pressure release valve doesn't seem so aggressive when making coffee, only when using the blind filter, any thoughts?
  5. Taped mine up yesterday using clear bike frame protection stickers as suggested by @richwade80. Seems to have worked a treat.
  6. Some new coffee from Bella Barista Milk buster and gaslight espresso blends which look like the kind of thing I'm used to, chocolatey/caramely. And yellow bourbon which I assume is a lighter roast. On the website it says "roasted to filter level", whatever that means. I'll be using it for espresso so any advice dialing it in would be welcomed.
  7. Well it definitely felt like I was spending money when I bought it all. Hopefully I'm all set for a little while now though 😜 ...... although there always seems to be something else I "need".
  8. Some awesome bar towels courtesy of @MildredM's Etsy store. Very speedy delivery too. πŸ‘
  9. Oooo these are cool. I'm definitely going to need a Lelit Bianca one and a Niche. Might have to grab a Flair one too for the travel kit. Looks like I'm a bit late to the party but can I just check, is the 3 for 2 still on?
  10. Join the Bianca club, we'd love to have you. Sorry, that's probably not very helpful. I love a beautiful shiny e61, it's a design classic and a pleasure to use. However a descent dual boiler at that price would be tempting. Wait... That's not helpful either...
  11. Oh man, always something else to think about with this coffee lark πŸ™„
  12. Sucks that you feel that way I should clarify. Not that the machine sucks.
  13. Ahh, that sucks. I went for a dB so I could steam and pull a shot at the same time, but that never goes well for me. I guess I'm a bit too "leisurely" also. I did spiral out of control a bit when choosing and decided I needed every new feature I saw. I went for the Bianca because it seemed to have as many features as possible for a comparatively good price.
  14. Please forgive my ignorance but, nitrogen gas flushed bags? πŸ€”
  15. Thanks, I love it. it's definitely a work of art. What's wrong with the marax? They seem to get a lot of love on here as far as a can tell.
  16. Thanks for the warm welcome. Here's today's new additions, the travel kit:
  17. Flair signature espresso maker and royal grinder... Two shots in with a new coffee at the roughly recommended grind setting. The first went ok, pressure, time and taste were somewhere in the ballpark. So a bit of dialing in for the second, slightly finer grind setting, slightly harder tamp and it tasted......worse. Definitely and significantly worse.
  18. Funny you should say that, I paired my Bianca with a white niche. To my eye they are both wood, white and chrome. Although I think the Bianca would look good next to anything, as would the niche.
  19. Hi all. Due to a recent upgrade I have for sale my Sage Barista Express. I'm selling it for Β£350 ONO, I'd really rather not ship it, it's available for collection from the Beaconsfield area in Buckinghamshire. Included with the machine is: - An additional portafilter with double shot single wall filter basket - Distribution tool - Sprung loaded ("calibrated") tamper - Dosing funnel - Two milk jugs of different sizes with temperature strips fitted The machine is three years old, in really good condition, no real cosmetic damage to speak of, no scratches or den
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