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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. Here's today's new additions, the travel kit:
  2. Flair signature espresso maker and royal grinder... Two shots in with a new coffee at the roughly recommended grind setting. The first went ok, pressure, time and taste were somewhere in the ballpark. So a bit of dialing in for the second, slightly finer grind setting, slightly harder tamp and it tasted......worse. Definitely and significantly worse.
  3. Funny you should say that, I paired my Bianca with a white niche. To my eye they are both wood, white and chrome. Although I think the Bianca would look good next to anything, as would the niche.
  4. Hi all. Due to a recent upgrade I have for sale my Sage Barista Express. I'm selling it for £350 ONO, I'd really rather not ship it, it's available for collection from the Beaconsfield area in Buckinghamshire. Included with the machine is: - An additional portafilter with double shot single wall filter basket - Distribution tool - Sprung loaded ("calibrated") tamper - Dosing funnel - Two milk jugs of different sizes with temperature strips fitted The machine is three years old, in really good condition, no real cosmetic damage to speak of, no scratches or den
  5. Haha thanks. I've also got a Flair signature espresso maker and Flair grinder on order, should be arriving Monday so I guess I'll update then.
  6. Also got a bunch of other bits and bobs like OCD distribution tool, Felicita arc scales, Fellow Monty cup and an Espresso Gear milk jug (white of course to match the niche, also why I opted for the white monty)
  7. Hi everyone. First ever post on here after a long time lurking. Thought I'd share my most recent upgrade path. Before upgrade: sage barista express.
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