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  1. I just wanted a stock machine that hasn't been opened up and tinkered with by a random coffee nerd off a forum. No offence. When it comes to making any improvements I'd prefer to rely on my own techincal skills. I'll look elsewhere...
  2. Is it really so illogical to want to buy something as it was designed? Also, I'm sure there's plenty of people who cycle <20 miles to work every day that would disagree with your car/bike analogy. Thanks for your contribution thought!
  3. I'm afraid so dude, trying to keep non-essential travel to a minimum. Hoping for a machine without mods if possible, less go wrong surely!!
  4. Thanks dude, Gumtree says: Sorry, the ad you are looking for is no longer available. Please see similar ads below. As above I'm after a fully working example within 30 miles (roughly 45mins drive). Thanks anyway!
  5. Hi Folks, I've settled on a Gaggia Classic as my first home espresso machine. I'm looking after a fully working pre-2015 or the newest 2019 model. All the stock accessories would be handy. I can collect within 30 miles of Bath or I'm happy to pay postage for the right machine. So as popular recording artist Jay-Z once famously said: 'SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!'
  6. Thanks dude! It has to be the Gaggia Classic pre 2015 or newest 2018/19 model. Espresso here we come!!
  7. HAHA, never tried one actually. I'm a novice...
  8. Thanks both, getting closer! To be honest I just love espressos. I started drinking them as opposed to Americano's whilst cycling across Spain. I guess I should be ashamed to say that I fell in love with torrefacto coffee and have been wanting to recreate those bitter, viscous shots at home ever since...
  9. 10! The temptation to spam 8 threads with emoji's is strong but I'm guessing it won't endear folks into selling me their beloved Gaggia Classic's...
  10. Hi Folks, At what point will I be able to post on the 'wanted' section to start my espresso journey? Cheers, Mr Coffee Man Sir (Stephen)
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