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  1. Thanks @Jackabb & @SafetyThird! I'm abit of a jack of all trades doing all the graphic design, photography/marketing stuff myself too, so any feedback regarding the website is great as I can action it immediately. @Jackabb You're definitely right on the hard sell element, and trust me I'm not picking up any tomato or cucumber at 7am when its in my morning batch brew haha! - I think in the future some of these can be simplified, similar to the Blends and other recent additions I try to pick out maybe 3 key elements that give an overall character profile ...The cu
  2. Haha keeping yourself plenty stocked up @jaffro! I like your style! That would be great, look forward to when the time comes!
  3. Thanks @Rapid ! Ahh I do love the Genji Chala, I actually have some Guatemala and El Salvador samples on the way to the roastery in the next day or so, Hoping to add another Filter soon so will certainly keep you posted depending how the cupping goes!
  4. Hi Everyone! Finally, I've got my act together and set up a profile for Crown & Canvas on here, set up a banner and off we go! We are a small Family owned Coffee Roastery in Bridgtown, Staffordshire. I opened the doors in January this year and though the past few months have been an incredibly bizzare and challenging time, It's been amazing to see how supportive and involving the Coffee community is, from home brewers, Espresso enthusiasts, Baristas and Business owners alike. There is a permanent discount code for forum members which I set up on my old profile - but
  5. I find the same with larger batches on the Sage brewer - I think the showerhead is a little narrow for the larger size beds so by the time the drawdown happens, you end up with more water focused in the center of the brew. If it didnt make a mess id swirl the brew basket when it takes breaks between pours! Saying that I've still had some great results out of the 36g in 600ml water and just grind slightly finer (Around the beginning of Aeropress on a Wilfa Svart grinder) I might fit the v60 shower adapter to mine and see how it gets on with larger v60's.
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