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  1. That's great feedback thanks @tammma I'm glad you're enjoying the Fazenda Zaroca! We're coming too the last few sacks of that farm which is sad but great to see it going down so well. It's a relief to see UPS and Royal Mail starting to come back to regular delivery times (fingers crossed) - Thanks again Tammma!
  2. Hey everyone, it's been a minute! For those of you not subscribed to our email list, we've recently dropped 2 new coffees. The first being a new Decaf, Single origin Peru packed with Chocolate, fruit and nut flavours, a medium roast which makes a tasty Espresso! Peru - Esperanza Decaf Varieties: Mixed Processing: Co2 Process Decaf Region: San Fransisco - Huabal - Cajamarca Growing Altitude: 1600-2000 MASL The Second being something a little different from us, a 90hr Fermented Honduras filter coffee. Packed with a sweet funky acidity, juicy chewy f
  3. Welcome @C0ffeeN0vice! Good to see you managed to seek out the forum, and absolutely no shame in what machine you use as long as you're happy with the results you get, thats what counts! I'm not sure on being able to help with the leak but im sure some people on the forum with knowledge of that machine will be able to help. - In terms of crema and milk texture, if its a new machine to you? Give it a little time. Working with various machines & grinders in different enviroments I often hop on a machine behind bar, steam a pitcher of milk and think 'What the heck happen
  4. Just thinking back to this post something popped into my head today that I thought was definitely worth mentioning in regards to roast level. I think roast level is a very helpful guideline when buying roasted coffee, but its certainly not the be all and end all - I've done it myself, bought 'Filter roast' coffee and when I've opened the bag thought "This is a bit dark, oh boy" - But that doesnt mean its over roasted or over developed, just that that specific coffees sugar content reacts differently and takes on heat & colour differently. Just as a bit of a mind melter for those
  5. Thanks @LMartin! Glad you're enjoying them!
  6. I like the thought of someone casually taking their dog for a walk and seeing this from a distance, where would you begin to explain 😂
  7. I'd agree and say from my experience thats mostly true, even for example going from a smaller drum to a bigger drum roaster, the profiles will still vary slightly. I'm not hoping or expecting to be able to copy and paste profiles over, just to get a better understanding of the coffees were working with, experiment more and develop more knowledge while the key point being creating as minimal waste as possible. It would be nice to do say 5 sample roasts of a single coffee, with varying drop temps, heat application, airflow adjustments etc, run a cupping table, measure results and approach
  8. I'm sure it has, so apologise if this thread has been started before, just curious to see what experience and pro's/cons people are finding with various sample roasters out there? I'm currently tinkering with the idea of getting our own sample roaster, mainly so we can minimise waste when it comes to dialing in roast profiles, and for the usual experimenting and tinkering that comes with being able to roast say 100g at a time rather than bigger batches. I've used the Quest sample roaster before which has always been an interesting experience, and I've looked at other various models b
  9. Added another new coffee to our listings! Rwanda - Gitega 576 (Natural). A relatively light/medium roast, bringing out stacks of fruity floral flavours, makes a light and fruity cup of filter with delicious citrus acidity and floral notes. Also, can I've had a few bright, sweet punchy Espresso with that orange/apple acidity cutting through which is delicious! As always, a huge thank you to anyone that supports/orders from us, dont forget your CFUK discount code at checkout for 15% off coffee. Have an awesome day! - Jake. www.crownandcanvas.co.
  10. Thank you for the kind words! - That's some great feedback and really appreciated. I hope you enjoy the House & Brazil to follow, thanks again!
  11. Hello everyone! - I've been quietly working away on some new Coffees which are now finally starting to launch! We've launched 2 new coffees this week Brazil - Fazenda Zaroca. (Natural) Cherry and Vanilla with a sweet Toffee and Milk Chocolate body. A delicious medium roast which makes a tasty chocolaty Espresso. & Colombia - Nuevo Futuro (Washed) Red Cherry - Vanilla - Orange - Milk Chocolate This bright and fruity Colombian coffee makes a sweet, and delicious filter, and a bright red cherry fruit and chocolaty espresso, I'm really happy with
  12. Some new deliciousness arrived today, excited to share these with everyone... In the meantime our Warehouse Manager is busy checking everything off.
  13. For the Light Medium roast, I think this is because alot of us are trying to showcase as much of the nautral flavours in the coffee as possible - And in my opinion the darker you take a roast the more you mute those signature charactistics, often fruit and sweetness acitiy etc, and the more you push a coffee towards a 'uniform' flavour profile, Im trying to word it in a way that isnt dismissive of darker roasts because I've had some wonderful dark roasts in the past. Light roasts are harder to dial in, they're less forgiving, but you can get some amazing results. I actually roast ou
  14. So I imagine some roasters do this differently, as there isnt a set standard in which tasting notes are achieved or portrayed. For me, it all happens at the cupping. I will say that we recieve tasting notes from our green importers too, this is just so as roasters we can get in coffee samples with an idea of what were dealing with, and often when I roast a coffee Ill have their tasting notes as a refence to help me get to some results quickly. Its also helpful as a red flag, if their tasting notes say apple, citrus and floral, and Im not getting anything even close...I imagine somethings
  15. Id expect the Guatemala to last till the end of the month! If we do get down to the last 5KG before then though Ill ping you a DM just so you dont miss out!
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