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  1. For the Light Medium roast, I think this is because alot of us are trying to showcase as much of the nautral flavours in the coffee as possible - And in my opinion the darker you take a roast the more you mute those signature charactistics, often fruit and sweetness acitiy etc, and the more you push a coffee towards a 'uniform' flavour profile, Im trying to word it in a way that isnt dismissive of darker roasts because I've had some wonderful dark roasts in the past. Light roasts are harder to dial in, they're less forgiving, but you can get some amazing results. I actually roast ou
  2. So I imagine some roasters do this differently, as there isnt a set standard in which tasting notes are achieved or portrayed. For me, it all happens at the cupping. I will say that we recieve tasting notes from our green importers too, this is just so as roasters we can get in coffee samples with an idea of what were dealing with, and often when I roast a coffee Ill have their tasting notes as a refence to help me get to some results quickly. Its also helpful as a red flag, if their tasting notes say apple, citrus and floral, and Im not getting anything even close...I imagine somethings
  3. Id expect the Guatemala to last till the end of the month! If we do get down to the last 5KG before then though Ill ping you a DM just so you dont miss out!
  4. 100 duck sizes horses, I'd just hunker down and keep swinging! Hahaha You're a bloody gentleman and thats greatly appreciated! Its about time I tried some of that Chocolate point blend I hear such good things about!
  5. I thought I would try and do these two in one post! So my journey into coffee/specialty started about 5 years ago, I used to love trying different Whiskeys and Rums, my favourite go to drink and buying from all over the world exploring they're flavours, long story short In the end knocked it all on the head, went T total and needed a new rabbit hole to go down! - I stumbled upon a little shop selling beans in my local town and was fascinated, I bought a v60 (had no idea what it was) and some of the darkest Colombian Java beans you've everseen in your life. I literally had no idea what I w
  6. So this one may be a little lengthy but Ill do my best to cover everything I/we do! So when I'm looking for a new coffee, I have a few key things I try to lockdown in every coffee choice. When Im looking for a new coffee, it depends on if Im looking to add something new, or replace an existing origin. If im looking to add something completely new (origin/process) Ill rely heavily on the Q graders recommendations, these guys and girls have such indepth knowledge with the regions they focus on that if I say "I want something really citrus fruity, bright that will work great for filter
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into this tomorrow when I'm back at the roastery and do some more tests & tasting! I bloody love that coffee, So happy with it! So I roast on a 5KG Roastmax roaster, hooked up to some digital profiling software to accurately track our temps, gas & airflow adjustments. So I can analyse and monitor curves on every roast, and when I have a fixed roast profile, for a coffee it makes it far easier to replicate that profile for multiple batches, day to day week to week. This is definitely something I've considered! I think
  8. We actually didnt do this until about 4 or so months ago I think? It was something I'd avoided because Roast level can be so ambiguous, one persons light is another persons medium, especially for people coming from commercial/supermarket beans, and alot of roasters use different scales or methods of judging it. I get emails from customers wanting to try our coffee and say things like 'I like a nice level 5' or ' 'Gold Roast' and It just leaves me baffled. In the end it made sense to put something to at least give customers an indiciation of what we would say a medium roast is. In g
  9. I think the market is definitely tougher than I originally thought it would be in 2018 when I started planning C&C, throw a sprinkle of the 2020 disaster in there and it gets tougher still, but I do think theres an enormous amount of potential in the market still, a large number of cafe's we approach buy there coffee from Costco's or larger commercial grade roasters and unfortunately at times are paying over the odds for a lower quality product, and in the retail market we've seen more Sage Espresso machines flood into homes in the past year than ever before. I've been lucky that my intera
  10. Thought this might be interesting to some of you out there, and may be an excellent cure for my evening boredom! I'll do my best to check and reply to all/any response. My names Jake, I own and run Crown & Canvas Coffee Co in Staffordshire, ask me anything.
  11. Awh shucks you guys! - I actually didnt see any of these so thankyou to @DavecUK for giving me the heads up! @dfk41 Thankyou for making the post and the kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying them so far and look forward to any more feedback you have, as a newer roaster any feedback is good feedback! @Arabidopsis @Rapid @ooglewoogle & @AliG Thanks again for the reassuring support, in these uncertain times its nice to know that I'm doing something right as we grow and learn! I've got some exciting new coffees landing on the cupping table tomorrow morning which Im really looki
  12. Happy new year! I've been abit quiet on here over the Christmas break having a small break and time off, but I'm glad to kick off 2021 with this delicious Coffee. Ethiopia - Mustefa Abakeno / Washed. I really enjoyed the bright Citrus fruit of our Genji Challa Ethiopian Coffee, and wanted to explore a little more with Ethiopian Washed coffees rather than trying to hunt down that Citrus to replace it, and landed here, Silky and slightly floral cup, but with a more full body, a more vanilla sweetness with hints of a lime like bite. So far Im enjoying it as Espresso & on
  13. Glad youre enjoying it! And im glad to see its turning up safely, Royal Mail and UPS will be the death of me this Season 😂
  14. Hi Frustin, orders under 2kg go with Royal Mail, over 2kg go with UPS
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