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  1. And oh boy am I happy about it! One of, if not my favourite coffee of last year has finally returned, the Guatemala Red de Mujeres. We've managed to grab some of the delicious Guatemala, Red De Mujeres Washed for the 2nd year running now and it's absolutely delicious. Packed full of creamy chocolate, juicy fruity notes and a nutty body, again the incredible women at Red De Mujeres have smashed it out the park. It's literally just gone live on the site, and if you grabbed a bag last year I'm sure you wont be dissapointed with this years crop! https://www.crownandcanvas.co.uk/product-page/Guatemala-Reddemujeres Don't forget the code CFUK at checkout for 15% off coffee on our site, and thank you again to everyone who's recently ordered from us from the Forum. Jake - C&C ❤️
  2. Some variance in shot time's will always happen as farms change, enviromental temps change throughout the year, as coffee ages from the first bag to the last of a wholesale delivery etc, but its normally not too huge to be a concern, day to day dialing keeps this in check most the time. If anything using fresher coffee means you need to make your grind coarser not finer, I find with 3-4 day old coffee that I'm dialing my grinders back slightly as the shots take longer. Silly question but by chance have you tried a couple different bags out of the delivery? Just incase it's a batch/few bags out the total delivery that have the issue, maybe failed valves etc?
  3. Hey TCC, Welcome to the Forum! Has the roaster changed farms at all? Or is it the same Farm that you're used to getting as normal, if so what are the roast dates on the bags etc. This could be a few things but from experience it can either be tied back to an issue in the roast, or an issue in packaging/storage of roasted coffee. Happy to help if you have any questions!
  4. Hey Folks! Thought Id post a quick update/reminder in here as its been some time since I've put anything in the advertiser section, As most of you know C&C run a 15% discount code on all our coffees for CFUK forum members, simply drop CFUK in the coupon code section at check out and it will drop 15% off the cost of shipping. Ontop of this we also offer free shipping on orders over £25! We've just launched 2 brand new coffees which I've been really excited to go live, a new Natural Ethiopian Coffee Basha Bakele, Jammy and fruity packed full of delicious sweetness. And a Washed Colombian Monte Bonito, a delicious full bodied sweet coffee with Toffee and Brown Sugar sweetness. www.crownandcanvas.co.uk I've been quietly working on a bunch of things behind the scenes here at C&C which I can't wait to share with everyone... one of which (which is currently a nightmare) is a new Counter/Minicafe setup at the roastery, with the goal being to section of a chunk of the roastery on weekends and open up to serve some sweet treats and delicious coffee...Hopefully by the end of the year! Either way, thank you for all the support from the Forum, I look forward to showing you what we've been working on soon enough! Jake - C&C
  5. Hi Robti! - For milk based drinks Id recommend our Fight Light Blend which works great in Milk based drinks, or for something from our Single origins Caramel/Chocolate/Nutty I would recommend our current Brazil offering if you haven't tried it yet! From there for something a little more fruity our Rwanda Natural or current Colombia offering work really well with milk!
  6. Thanks Dutchy! I hope you like it, we've really been enjoying and had some great feedback so I look forward to seeing what you think!
  7. Well if that isn't a great way to start my day I don't know what is! Thanks for all the kind words, I hope we stay in your top roasters in the future!
  8. Morning folks! Hope everyone's well and enjoying the swings between heatwaves and torrential rain! I've not had chance to be as active here as I would like too, in the middle of moving house so everythings upside down at the moment, I wanted to swing by a give a quick update on what's going on at C&C! Coffee offerings - as some of you might have noticed we've had a spurt of getting through coffees quicker than usual, as things have got busier for us we're getting through coffee offerings quicker than we used too, Hopefully things should stabalise abit as we've increased what we're taking from certain farms to keep our new offerings available longer! Latest Coffees we recently added! Ethiopia Danisa - This naturally processed coffee is packed full of Berries, Mango and has a rich dark chocolate body, (we only have a few sacks of this so will be changing again most likely end of this month!) Peru Elvis Tineo Rafael - This Washed coffee is light, delicate and fruity, works great for filter and makes delicious cold brew! We're hoping to drop some new coffees when shipments arrive end of this month ready for September - including our first Kenyan coffee, and the return of a very popular Guatemalan coffee we had last year. We release our first mugs this week which are some Mascot Diner mugs. (they perfectly fit an Aeropress too which is an added bonus) - And we're continuing to grow and do our best to bring out delicious coffee! As always I can confidently say after 2020 and now heading into the latter half of 2021, that we wouldn't be even close to where we are now without the support we've seen from the CFUK community and I'll always be thankful for that. Hopefully as things slowly return back to normal (fingers crossed) we can start to do more things to give back to the community, I've had various ideas including CFUK exclusive coffees, discounts, and depending on everyones Geography even hosting CFUK exclusive events and cuppings at the roastery, fingers crossed we see some of these things come to light soon! Thanks again to all of you, just wanted to post a quick update while I had a slice of free time in the day! Jake - C&C
  9. Double new goodies arrived today, some new green bean AND our first ever mugs... totally haven't already snagged one out the box and brought it home 😂
  10. Oh no! That's actual nightmare material! When I was about 17 I worked for a reptile and exotic animal shop not far from me. While I was there they had the single most aggressive female Goliath bird eating spider I've ever seen, she absolutely terrified me, fascinating but equally as terrifying. One day a chap just wandered in and bought her, said he had quite the collection. Still haunts me to this day 😂
  11. I discovered a spider on the inside of my motorcycle helmet the other morning, put it on... pulled my visor down and there he was. I'm glad I was stationary at the time otherwise I dread what I would have done 😂
  12. Hey Tammma! The farms aren't related, but definitely holds it own against our previous offering. We worked hard to find a coffee that could replace it and hopefully everyone enjoys it just as much as we are! The tasting profile is of a similar region to our Fazenda Zaroca, as to be expected from a good quality Naturally processed Brazilian coffee, chocolatey, and creamy with that nice light sweetness that cuts through. So far we've had some great feedback!
  13. Afternoon Folks! Hope you're all doing well and enjoying good weather and good coffee! I've just put live our newest Brazilian coffee, Fazenda Pantano. Pulped Natural process Yellow Bourbon, stuffed full of that sweet chocolately goodness with some nice orange acidity. We had some great feedback on our previous Brazilian coffee, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how people find/compare/enjoy this latest offering. https://www.crownandcanvas.co.uk/product-page/brazil-fazenda-pantano AND, we've just opened our last sack of our Natural Ethiopia, Bogale Alito, really really suprised at how well & fast this has gone, totally shocked but really thankful and happy to see great feedback on it. If you wanted to grab a bag we don't have much left so I would grab it while you can! We will be sending the usual Email & Social media stuffs tomorrow but wanted to get this out on the forum first. Thanks again for all your amazing support and feedback, forever thankful to the community of this forum! As always 15% discount with CFUK at when checking out. Jake
  14. Love this feedback, and the video gave me a good laugh too! Thanks again @dutchy101 - I'm really happy you're enjoying them!
  15. You're a diamond! - The Nuevo Futuro is really nice as Filter, clean and bright! The Honduras definitely has some funk to it that's for sure, the extended fermentation means alot of surface sugars so takes on colour really quick - Looks alot darker than a typical filter roast but the development and overall roast time is actually shorter than almost all our other coffees - It does start out bright orange too rather than green which helps Haha! Though once cooled slightly that juicy blueberry chewy fruitness comes through so nicely, it was a super tough coffee to get to grips with at first but I do really enjoy it now! I'm definitely venturing out more and more and being more picky when it comes to selecting coffees now, hoping that as the year goes we will add some more origins to our offering as they come available and expand some more - Thanks again as always for the support though buddy! I hope you enjoy!
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