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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions. Hadn't thought of upgrading the grinder, but that is logically the next step. If I do compromise and go for the Oracle Touch (so my wife can use it), although I appreciate it is automatic, presumably I can use a separate standalone grinder to grind/dose and let the machine do the rest. This may help overcome the basic built-in grinder.
  2. Thanks Monkey, Rob177, Rob1 and Earthflattener. Currently I have the Sage smart grinder which is ok, nothing stellar. It does a decent enough job in combination with the dual boiler and I get quite consistent shots with the types of beans I use. I haven't asked for a refund from Sage but I don't get the impression that is an option. I had originally bought the dual boiler and grinder around 3-4 months ago using a 50% discount that was available during lockdown through my work. Sage have said that they would honour the 50% discount on any "upgrade" like the Oracle/Oracle Touch.
  3. Hi all, great forum. First post. I have a Sage dual boiler which has developed a leak around the sides of the porta filter. Sage are taking the machine back and have already decided to replace it. Unfortunately there is no Dual boiler stock until November so they have offered me an upgrade to an Oracle touch if I pay the difference. I read the specs etc and appreciate that the Oracle touch is an automatic machine. I don't understand how changing grind settings can be evaluated if you have no extraction pressure gauge. I find the latter to be one of the most useful aspec
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